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Ford Nation to take at least a 4-year break as mayor of Toronto

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Rob Ford has been mayor of Toronto in title alone for some time thanks to his own antics. Doug Ford took the baton in running to get those powers back.

Despite getting over 330,000 votes for a solid second place finish, the Ford Nation dominance will be limited to Ward 2 … at least for the next 4 years.

John Tory, who has worn more professional hats than Rob Ford has smoked vials of crack, is the new mayor-elect of Toronto.

2014 Toronto mayoral race results
Candidate Vote total Percentage
John Tory 394,775 40.27%
Doug Ford 330,610 33.72%
Olivia Chow 226,879 23.14%
Other   27,913   2.52%

unofficial numbers

Former MP Olivia Chow finished a distant third.

“Together, like never before, we now begin building Toronto the great,” Tory said, adding he will lead the city “not left, not right, but forward.”

Doug Ford did well in the suburbs, though not as well as Rob Ford in 2010. Tory did well up the middle of the area map, including in the city. Chow did best in the west side of the city, in her old federal riding.

Rob Ford will be back in the city council, winning Ward 2 Etobicoke North with 58.9 percent of the vote. Rob Ford will replace Doug Ford, the current councillor from Ward 2.

In his victory speech, Rob Ford gave the impression that Ford Nation would be ready in 4 years to run for mayor … again.

“I guarantee: In four more years, you’re going to see another example of the Ford family never ever giving up,” Ford said. “We’re just warming up.”

We saw Rob Ford on Election Night with a clean head, recovering from chemotherapy as treatment for cancer.

Ford’s status on the council will depend on his health. The new council and mayor officially take over on December 1.

If you weren’t interested in this mayoral race … Toronto turned out 64.3 percent voter turnout, surpassing the previous mark of 50.6 percent in 2010. The city had almost a million votes in the 2014 election.

In the next few days, pundits and late-night comedians will have a chance to mourn the loss of Rob Ford as mayor. But Toronto has had enough of a joke as its leader, however ceremonial that became in the last year or so.

As much as John Oliver wanted Toronto to (re-)elect Doug (Rob) Ford, he knows that Toronto deserves better. Jon Stewart wanted Olivia Chow to win, but she ran too nice a campaign.

John Tory has a number of issues to work on, and a right-wing background despite his “centrist” attitude. The buffoonery that was Rob Ford needed to go, but his policies as well.

photo credit: Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press


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