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Rob Ford in graffiti, T-shirts, and art

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This column courtesy of runs here with complete permission.

This past trip to Toronto was the first since Rob Ford had become mayor of Canada’s largest city. Despite my pleas in Alberta in 2012, I’m not actually afraid of running into Toronto’s mayor.

I was more curious to see what the reaction was in Toronto to being run by someone who many consider a buffoon.

These are two T-shirts that you can buy at the St. Lawrence Market. We don’t know if they carry these in a size Rob Ford can wear.



I couldn’t get a picture of the Rob Ford bobblehead doll at a magazine shoppe. They were selling them for $35, if I recall correctly. But the theme was similar to the T-shirts.

This graffiti was found at Centre Island on the Toronto Islands. Not very creative, a little too obvious. But it’s one of the few spots where you see graffiti in and around downtown. Quite frankly, political speech is protected, and the city has left this up.


I saw these two art pieces in a shoppe on Queen Street West. You see a lot of fun stuff on Queen Street West.

This artist took Rob Ford direct quotes and gave them a different context. The first one is a quote that some people are still trying to get out of their heads. The second quote was one that wasn’t obvious; I had to double check the quote.

I would clarify his treatment as “reality star” more than “rock star” but Ford isn’t one for subtle distinctions.

(Editor’s note: If someone knows the artist that did these pictures, we would love to give them full credit for their effort. Please let us know.)



The 2014 Toronto Mayoral Election will take place on October 27. While there are a significant number of candidates, the 3 major contenders are Olivia Chow, John Tory, and the incumbent, Rob Ford. Winner take all as a winner does not have to get 50% of the vote to win.

Ford won with 47.11% of the vote in 2010.

photo credits: me


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September 10, 2014 at 10:15 am

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