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Rob Ford alleged crack use just one of a few odd Canada politics stories

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6a00e55214ffbe88340192aa16eff2970d-500wiCanadians relaxed during the Victoria Day weekend, but their political scandals were boiling and overflowing.

The mayor of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, was allegedly seen smoking crack. The prime minister’s chief of staff was forced to resign after paying off a senator’s $90,000 debt to taxpayers with a personal check.

Two Conservative senators were forced one way or another to resign from the Conservative caucus, yet remain in Canada’s senate.

They joined a third Conservative senator who had to resign from the caucus over a domestic arrest charge and for travel expenses he shouldn’t have claimed. The other two Conservative senators are having problems with living and travel expenses.

While what happened to Christy Clark in British Columbia was not a scandal, her Liberal Party pulled off remaining in charge in Victoria, but Clark lost her seat.

For Clark to remain premier, one of the MLAs (members of the provincial parliament) has to resign and a special election called where Clark would run for that seat. A highly unusual setup, even by Canadian standards, but not always easy to explain to a U.S. audience.

Our sister blog,, has covered these stories extensively, first here and then here.

photo credit: Toronto Star

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May 21, 2013 at 10:06 am

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