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In Mitt Romney’s 47%, Tea Party people lack personal responsibility

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If you consider yourself a part of the 47%, you definitely are in the 99%. And who said Americans were afraid of math?

The punditry thinks of the American landscape in a 47-47-6 mentality going back to the 2000 race. That stale take should have disappeared after the 2008 race. Barack Obama’s convincing victory took care of that “divided” mentality.

The equally divided approach fit in well with the MSM philosophy of equating false comparisons.

After all, Mitt Romney said something really bad at a fundraiser. So did Barack Obama. Well, not really. But equal is equal, according to the MSM mentality.

Barack Obama got in trouble in 2008 for saying something that was awkwardly put, but absolutely true. As for what Obama said in 1998, well, every tax policy is redistribution. The election can come down to whether really rich people should get more money, or people making up to $250,000.

Forgetting the condescension of what Romney said, it also wasn’t true. The 47% percentage. The fact that they pay other taxes. The idea that they don’t care or take personal responsibility.

Have we forgotten the poor women who were pepper sprayed for no reason last fall? Have we already lost in our memory of the Occupy movement? This is proof that people cared and took personal responsibility.

Doing Occupy wasn’t easy. Being a teabagger was really easy. Still waiting for the first story of a teabagger to be pepper sprayed.

The Occupy people were standing up for the people who didn’t benefit from the bounce back of the economy. The people sitting in that Florida fundraiser: they bounced back really quickly from the recovery. The rest of the people — the 99% of the 47% — are still waiting.

Romney also missed the point that some of those 47% are teabaggers. Whatever we might think of them, rich is not what comes to mind when you describe teabaggers. The difference is that they don’t understand that Obama isn’t a socialist. The other difference is that the teabaggers voted in people to Congress — House and Senate — who are interested in helping teabaggers to get jobs.

Now Romney wants the teabaggers vote even though he doesn’t want to get them jobs. Sure there will be 12 million jobs because Romney says so, but there is still no plan for how that will happen. If the GOP keeps the House and Romney gets elected, they won’t work to get America more jobs. And they’ll still blame this on non-existent welfare cheats and whatever other racially coated statements they make.

The teabaggers don’t care and don’t take personal responsibility but can’t see themselves in Romney’s rant. Their latest escapade is to put pressure on swing states to rid voters rolls of supposedly dead people to get fewer potential Dems to vote in the election. The real Tea Party people of the late 1700s would never stoop to prevent people — well, white land owners — from participating in elections.

The teabaggers have the legitimacy that the Occupy people desire; the Occupy people have the care and personal responsibility that the teabaggers will seemingly never have. If only the teabaggers would use their power for true representative democracy.

The best way to get the ball rolling is to convince the teabaggers that Romney thinks of them as being in the 47%. But as long as racially coded messages work on the teabaggers, they won’t get the true message.


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