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What will the political impact be from the 2012 drought?

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Americans love complaining about food prices, and those complaints will get louder once the impact of the 2012 drought is felt in the pocketbooks. This being an election year — politicians will care more about Americans basic necessities than usual. Food is as basic as it gets.

The 2012 drought is hampered by the American policy of planting monocultures such as corn and soy. Put all your corn in one basket, and the corn crop is crap, then your basket isn’t that full. Combine that with a policy where we grow food for fuel (ethanol) and our food and fuel policies are messed up.

The Farm Bill would be a good way to fix food farm policy, but the Republican naysayers aren’t concerned about a Farm Bill that will address these issues.

For more on the food impact, check out this column from our sister blog,


Written by democracysoup

August 21, 2012 at 7:40 am

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