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Ted Cruz, Dan Senor: GOP with Canadian ties

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Jennifer Granholm was a prominent politician with a Canadian connection: being born in Canada and serving as Michigan governor for two terms. But the political stream from Canada is heading in one direction: Republican.

The logic is pretty obvious. Even if Stephen Harper is in charge in Canada, the Great White North is a more liberal country than the United States. So as much as liberals would want to go to Canada, conservatives would want to come to the United States.

David Frum. Dan Senor. And now Ted Cruz.

Frum and Senor served under George W. Bush. And Senor is a significant part of the Mitt Romney campaign.

Ted Cruz is the wild card, since he was born in Canada, yet he is a teabagger/Republican running for the U.S. Senate seat held by the outgoing Kay Bailey Hutchison.

For more on this connection, check out this column from our sister blog,


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