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Politicians making their mark in the world of food

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Michael Bloomberg switches from Big Gulps to breastfeeding, Mike Huckabee gets a little too excited about a fried chicken sandwich, and Chile says no to toys and food.

Politics often interferes in food; we hope that the interference will benefit food.

We weren’t crazy about Bloomberg’s obsession over Big Gulps, mostly because of the inconsistency. We are heavily in favor of breastfeeding, even if the style lacks some serious points.

Huckabee lost a lot of weight in part from avoiding the kind of food you can get at Chick-Fil-A. Watching him push fried chicken sandwiches for political opportunism is disturbing.

Chile falls into the Bloomberg camp: a better idea than how to get there.

For more on how these stories are connected and what they all mean, check out this column from our sister blog,


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