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Mitt Romney should apologize for cutting jobs as part of his economic record

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Many political pundits are comparing the 2012 presidential election to 2004. Mitt Romney is from Massachusetts, is very rich, doesn’t connect well, and the base doesn’t like him. John Kerry is from Massachusetts, is rich (mostly from his wife), doesn’t connect well, and the base didn’t like him.

John Kerry was attacked by a group that spread lies about Kerry’s war record. Even though the spots didn’t accurately reflect Kerry’s time in Vietnam, the attitude among the MSM was “politics is dirty.” Kerry’s supporters wanted action to correct the inaccuracies in the ad. Kerry also waited too long to respond to the charges. Though Kerry had the truth on his side, he lost the battle.

Mitt Romney was attacked by a group that told the truth about Romney’s role in Bain Capital. Romney took a while to respond. The Romney campaign wants that group to apologize for running the ads. For telling the truth.

The coverage of Romney wanting an apology for ads against him that are true has been louder than the coverage of Kerry wanting a correction for ads against him that were false.

Republicans aren’t used to being attacked. The media gives them an easy ride, Ronald Reagan taught them not to attack each other, and the Dems float like a bee and sting like a butterfly.

When Dems do attack, the media treats their actions as being somehow unfair. This ruins their narrative that Republicans go after Democratic politicians, truth be damned. But the reverse can’t happen.

Dem supporters would certainly love to see their politicians land some blows on the Republicans, especially when they have the truth on their side. They had the truth in 2004 and Kerry didn’t fight back hard enough or soon enough. Obama, as a contrast, is throwing the first punch.

The Romney folks say we shouldn’t be talking about this; they were rather talk about the economy. Well, what Bain Capital and other companies have done — ship jobs overseas — is certainly economic-related.

The fact that companies are sitting on a record amount of cash is economic-related. And those companies appear to be waiting for something (a Romney presidency) to suddenly hire people. But we don’t hear much about that.

Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and the other Republican presidential candidates did their very best to warn the GOP not to nominate someone with a business background who had ties to this economic approach, sacrificing jobs for profits. However, the GOP is stuck with Mitt Romney, who has this track record that he isn’t happy that people are talking about.

Romney could run on his work as Massachusetts governor, but is running away from that part of his past. Romney could run on his work in helping the 2002 Winter Olympics, but we haven’t heard much from that part either.

No, Romney wants to run as a businessman. True, George W. Bush tried that approach. To be fair to Romney, he is a better businessman that George W. Bush could have dreamed about. They both had famous fathers so they started out with a silver spoon and a gold briefcase. Bush had the anti-Midas touch; Romney made a lot of money for himself and others. But Romney made this money in great part by getting rid of employees. This is part of his economic record.

Romney’s frustration gears around how the media won’t cover the small sliver of his economic record that he wants to promote. Remember back when Romney talked about all the jobs he created as a result of his work with Bain Capital. Anybody with a paycheck learns quickly the difference between gross and net. Romney used gross numbers and tried to make us think that those were net numbers.

If Romney wants an apology, he should look in the mirror and ask himself whether throwing people out of work for greed is a sound economic policy for the United States. If he doesn’t think so, then he should apologize … to us.


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