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Quebec students stand up for education access

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Back when Rick Santorum was a candidate for president, he said President Barack Obama was a snob because he wanted everybody to go to college. Okay, President Obama didn’t say that. Obama understands that higher education can take on several branches of possibilities — trade schools as well as college and universities. What we missed was the chance to have a dialogue over access to education.

Students in Quebec are protesting tuition hikes. In North America, Quebec students pay at or among the lowest tuition on the continent. And the tuition hikes aren’t that bad. But the students are fighting a bigger battle: access to education.

Protests have been going on for about two months, and are starting to get noticed outside of La Belle Province.

The job market is changing for both Canada and the United States, and a lot of math and science related jobs are being filled by people from outside these countries. Access to education would seem paramount, yet Americans are asking the young people to take on ridiculous financial burdens long after college. And Quebecers are the ones protesting in the streets?

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