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Mitt Romney tries to dog Barack Obama’s childhood dog meat eating, but that dog won’t hunt

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If someone looked back on my life and judged me based on what I ate when I was 6 years old, they would say I was full of bologna.

This particular Mitt Romney reaction to the Seamus controversy gives us some insight on what kind of campaigner Romney will be and what the next 6 months or so will be like.

The Seamus story has dogged Romney for some time. Yes, the puns will run through this column like brown liquid down the back of the station wagon. The story keeps going on its four legs because of the way Romney has reacted, or not reacted, to the story. Ann Romney told Diane Sawyer that Seamus loved the crate. The crate isn’t the issue, after all, a crate inside a car next to loving people is a good way for a dog to travel.

And no one in the MSM, certainly not Diane Sawyer, will ask the Romneys the obvious question: Is it true what one of your sons said that Seamus ran away once the family got to Canada?

But this isn’t about how a potential president does in a crisis situation. That would be too easy. No, this has to be about what the current president ate when he was 6 years old.

Let’s try and follow the Romney logic. To be fair, 6 years old is a good age because this feel more like “he started it.” Romney is 65 years old.

In Romney’s world, what Obama was served as a child to eat is worse than decisions made about the welfare of a dog as an adult. And the transgression of what Obama did should absolve Romney of what he did.

Obama admitted in his book “Dreams About My Father” that he ate dog meat, snake meat, and grasshoppers. This is totally outrageous in a land that dines on corn dogs, deep-fried Twinkies, and Baconnaise.

Eating dog meat is distasteful in the United States, but is more common in other areas of the world. Despite what Americans think, most people in the world don’t have anywhere neat that kind of access to meat. This was the late 1960s in Indonesia.

But even if you roll with this thought process, this is about what the individual has done when it comes to animals. Just because Obama was served dog meat … as a child doesn’t mean he did anything personally to the dog. This logic also comes from the teabaggers who insisted Obama had lost his citizenship (and his right to be president) when the family was relocated to Indonesia when he was 4 years old. As I put it in December 2008, “you don’t have the power at the age of 4 to say otherwise.” As every child can tell you, when you are a child, you eat what gets put in front of you.

Romney’s actions as an adult with adult responsibilities are clearly up for grabs as “Dogs Against Romney” will prove. The same goes for George W. Bush’s DUI conviction. We don’t even know close to the whole Romney story, but we sadly know more about that incident than Bush’s DUI conviction.

This isn’t new territory. Ask the ghost of Grover Cleveland who had to deal with accusations of paternity out of wedlock. The accusations weren’t true, but voters made up their mind based on those accusations.

If Romney did cover up the story, if true, that Seamus did run away in Canada, should that say something about Romney’s decision-making process?

Obama’s campaign may be taking advantage of the Romney story, but Romney’s attempt at an attack, well, you know, “that dog won’t hunt.”


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  1. Great site!!! I will subscribe to your rss and will be back. 🙂

    Wagner Chevalier

    May 21, 2012 at 12:58 am

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