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Canada cuts back on food safety, even if it is still ahead of the United States

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The Harper government is taking a teabagger type look at the federal budget in its significant cuts. Ares important to liberals, NDP supporters, and Green members suffer disproportionally. Even in Canada, food safety is a political issue by conservatives.

The irony, if you want to call it that, is that in the last Canadian federal election, the Conservatives promised $100 million more in spending over a 5-year period for food safety. Guess that didn’t work out.

At least Canada has a federal agency — Canadian Food Inspection Agency — devoted to food safety. The U.S. can’t even spare that as a concept, real or weak.

While Canada doesn’t have the scares of eggs, spinach, and tomatoes that Americans have recently had, the country to the North did suffer from a listeriosis outbreak in 2008 from tainted deli meat that led to 22 deaths. And yes, the Harper government was in charge.

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