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Maine objection: GOP obstruction leads us to believe Ron Paul might have won its caucus

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A cry of paranoia from the Ron Paul campaign isn’t news, unless for once, the paranoia was actually true.

The Maine Republican Party reported that Mitt Romney won the Maine caucus. This wasn’t hugely significant in the delegate count, but gave Romney a nice win after losing three straight contests. Except for one problem: Mitt Romney may not have won Maine.

You probably heard over the weekend that Ron Paul got more votes in Washington County than any other candidate, and that the winning margin for Romney was reduced. What was missing from the coverage, and what has been missing are vote counts from at least two other Maine counties.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC pointed out that in the original release, Maine counties that filed numbers with the GOP didn’t have totals when the numbers were officially released.

The MSM underreports on the Ron Paul campaign in the face of obvious facts. For example, if Paul scores higher in a poll than another candidate, the graphic will feature the other candidate, but not Paul. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has zeroed in on this inequity.

If Ron Paul did win Maine, the dynamic of the race would be different. For one thing, the MSM might have to say “Ron Paul” and “winner” in the same sentence.

We criticize the MSM for covering politics like a horse race. Then when it is clear that another horse might have won the race, they aren’t as concerned.

Mitt Romney may have indeed won Maine. The problem is the way the Maine Republican Party is behaving, you could easily think that Ron Paul won.

With Iowa, the race was between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, though at the time, Santorum ranked slightly ahead of Paul in the MSM radar. Even then, it took quite a while for the count to be official.

For a country that believes in democracy and the right of citizens to vote, the Iowa Republicans and now the Maine Republicans have done a lousy job of reflecting those American values. At least in Iowa, we eventually got an accurate count. The Maine GOP leaves a lot to be desired.

Ron Paul may have indeed won Maine. It would be democratic for the people to know whether that’s true.


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