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Fighting back against concealed-carry laws

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On my trip to Minnesota, nobody warned me that I was entering a concealed-carry state. True, my last trip to the 10,000 Lakes state was a long time ago. But I had no idea of the law until I started seeing signs that fit a pattern.

This was the first sign that I saw — Minneapolis Farmers Market on Lyndale:

Minneapolis Farmers Market on Lyndale
My honest thought was “Okay, duh. That’s a good idea.”

Turns out that if you have a permit, you can carry a concealed weapon anywhere (schools and eventually churches excepted). And in order to avoid having guns in your establishment, you must post a sign.

The most extreme of those signs was in front of the Supreme Court room in the state Capitol in St. Paul.

State Supreme Court justices having to rely on people observing a sign that is off to the side. Hopefully, state Supreme Court Associate Justice Alan Page can tackle the gunman before anybody gets hurt (Page is a former NFL defensive tackle with the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears).

Now, in Wisconsin, a state I visit way more often than Minnesota, you can bring a gun into the state Capitol in Madison. But you still can’t bring a camera. You wouldn’t be reading this column without a camera. Might skip the Capitol on my next visit to Madison.

If enough buildings have these signs, then the law is profoundly silly. Then again, what are the chances of too many signs outside Minneapolis or St. Paul? And would a sign prevent someone who wanted to do damage that would be armed?

Society would be better off if establishments had to post signs to ALLOW guns in their buildings. Put the impetus on those businesses.

Here are some of the other places of business that are smart enough not to want to have guns in their establishments.

— Baseball team

— Strip clubs

— The famous Guthrie Theater

and, of course, the Mall of America.

pictures taken by me


Written by democracysoup

November 18, 2011 at 7:27 am

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  1. Many of the signs on this post are not legal “No Gun” signs. They do not comply with MN law for legal signs so they do not need to be followed. PLUS, in MN a business owner must ask you to leave and you refuse before it becomes a misdemeanor. The Twins sign and the Guthrie are good examples of bad signs. Obviously you’re not a permit holder because it does not make sense for a business to post a “We allow guys” sign since it’s the right of Americans to carry weapons if they choose.
    Finally, I can’t carry at school with out the written permission of a Principal or Superintendent so we aren’t allowed to just walk around schools and colleges willy-nilly with guns. To assume that is pretty ignorant.


    December 13, 2013 at 4:07 pm

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