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Tea party goal is anarchy; credit rating slash is drop in the bucket

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“Anarchy in the UK” was a Sex Pistols song from 1976. You could easily see a remake done by the teabaggers in 2011.

The Daily Show and Colbert Report, as well as the current and former members of MSNBC, have made fun of the ads for gold on various right-wing shows, including Glenn Beck, because, well, they’re funny. But what they may not realize is that the teabaggers are set to create a scenario where those commercials make sense.

The tea party antics have all been about bringing a worst times, end of times scenario. And since the teabaggers have been given more power than they warrant, the rest of us will suffer.

They love the idea that our credit rating has been reduced. They are upset that only Standard’s and Poor has made the cut. They also love that Europe, of all places, is having its own debt problems.

The deficit is the ruse; this is about anarchy, at least right-wing anarchy.

Looking back on the times of the Sex Pistols, a simpler time in 1976 on either shore of the Atlantic, the adapted phrase is, “Protesting? I’ll give you something to protest about.”

Imagine the Sex Pistols were upset at the government before Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan in the U.S., free trade agreements which cut jobs in countries such as England and the United States, and the anemic economic growth of the 21st century.

Imagine the teabaggers are upset at the government in 2011: taxes are the lowest in decades, we’re in 2-4 useless wars, badly needed domestic spending is on a very high shelf and we can’t find the damn step-ladder. True, a small percentage of women can still have abortions, and slightly more people can get gay married, so life isn’t perfect for them.

The MSM still thinks the teabaggers are upset about the deficit, but since they refuse tax increases on the very rich and any liberal suggestions on budget cuts, the teabaggers may be fooling the MSM but not the rest of us.

Teabaggers/Republicans don’t want the government to spend money on the American people; we can certainly spend money propping up governments and people elsewhere in the world, usually in the chase for oil, but they see spending money on American needs as un-American.

“Lift yourself by the bootstraps” is a common phrase from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, though she comes from a state where the citizens get subsidy checks from the government for oil.

They sincerely believe that the government helping people produces character of weakness, again, unless they live outside the country.

The fact that they are borrowing tactics from the 18th century, 1976 England, and wherever they can find them speaks volume to a people that aren’t used to protesting. They have been the “America: Love it or leave it” crowd.

Panic in the streets is what they want. A slashed credit rating is only the start; in their Biblical world, the end times don’t come in a sea of calm. While gold is a metaphor to most Americans, they believe that gold is a sign of the bad times, and they want that sign.

What would help is if liberals would take to the streets, like they did in Wisconsin. Several states passed similar union-busting legislation but Wisconsin got the media coverage in part because people were protesting.

But fighting for government help isn’t as exciting and getting people to rally to support Social Security and infrastructure isn’t awe-inspiring. After all, abortion rights have been stripped away, and the protesters we see are the anti-choice crowd.

The teabaggers insist this is their country. And mock them as you will, but they are fighting for what they think they want, even if it doesn’t make sense.

If liberals don’t fight back, the teabaggers’ goal of anarchy may soon be realized, even if the anarchy would look foreign to Johnny Rotten and the British youth of the late 1970s.


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  1. They, us, Teabaggers… enough of the pointless rhetoric. We are all Americans… Let’s start acting as united Americans

    Alexander Zilo

    August 14, 2011 at 10:43 pm

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