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If tea partiers are serious about reducing deficit, they should consider plenty of liberal deficit cutting ideas

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The image of Nero fiddling while Rome burns seems almost comical. Why would Nero play the fiddle while the city was truly on fire?

The story is about a political leader who is clueless about the crisis around them. But in the case of the teabaggers, they are rather loud to point out that Rome is not on fire. And they call out those who say Rome is on fire by saying, “Liar, liar, pants on, uh, well, they’re not on fire either.”

The teabaggers are too busy to play the fiddle; they feel playing the fiddle may distract them from their stated purpose: reducing the deficit.

We are told by the MSM that the teabaggers are principled in bringing down the deficit, and the MSM has shown us what principled means to them.

We know better: this isn’t about bringing down the deficit. If this were, we would be out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and anywhere else we would be. We would be out of Germany, Japan, and South Korea. We would eliminate the Bush tax cuts. We would retool farm subsidies so farmers can grow a wider variety of crops and have income standards so farm subsidies wouldn’t go to rich people or factory farms.

We would pass universal health care, which would also reduce costs for businesses (i.e., job creators). We would make corporations pay more or, in some cases, something, even if it isn’t up to their fair share. We would raise the income level subject to Social Security tax from $106,000 to something above New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s annual salary.

We would make sure hedge fund managers pay the same percentage as their administrative assistants.

Finding these and other similar ideas aren’t that difficult. The difficulty lies in entering them into the discussion, because, these ideas are “liberal.”

People can certainly disagree with the ideas above, having their own more conservative views on cutting the deficit. But conservatives are teabaggers aren’t even being given the chance to say “no.”

Facts and statistics can get in the way of the teabaggers agenda. Most teabaggers live in states that get more back from Washington than they give. Tax rates are low, especially on the rich. And while a lower deficit and debt helps the U.S. economy in the long-term, every economic pattern leads to spending more, but strategically, by government to get jobs and the economy back to the point where this country is treading water.

The sad part is the deficit and debt are important, and we need to reassess our priorities to reduce both to make our country as strong as conservatives think we actually are. Having the teabaggers in charge of that discussion isn’t wise, they only know a small percentage of the problem and ignore solutions that agree with their quest because their overlords don’t approve.

In the analogy, the teabaggers are Nero, and yes, Rome is on fire. Except the teabaggers aren’t the best ones to put out the fire, especially when they don’t even think it’s hot. And we have several fires going.


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