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Who will the GOP pick for 2012? Leave it a mystery for now

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Americans normally love a good mystery, unless it takes too long to figure out. “Just tell me who wins,” we cry in our “microwave is taking too much time” voices.

So who are the Republicans going to pick as their presidential nominee for 2012? We haven’t even hit July 4 of 2011. Can’t this wait?

What is even more impatient isn’t so much who will win, but caring about people in the race who won’t even get to New Hampshire or even Iowa. Were you this excited about Chris Dodd in 2007?

What if Donald Trump wins? He never ran, and wasn’t going to run.

The GOP will nominate Someone to run against President Barack Obama in 2012, and that Someone, no matter how well things are going, will win at least 35% of the vote.

Then again, Someone left the cake out in the rain.

If we limit the pack to 9, we could reinvent the Hollywood Squares. We could dramatically introduce the participants, working our way around to Paul Lynde, er, Mitt Romney.

And why is Romney in the center square? He’s the frontrunner.

If the GOP race were a long ago game show, the standard bearer would be in the center square because that is who gets picked. Bob Dole was in the center square in 1995, John McCain was there in 2007 when he wasn’t in one of his 10 homes.

So the race is over. Romney will win. Let’s start thinking about the VP pick.

If you think that is audacious, Pawlenty’s backpedaling on “Obamaneycare” wasn’t as much about not attacking a fellow Republican, but an early admission that VP will do just fine.

Michele Bachmann thinks she is in the race because she announced during the debate that she was running for president. Talk about multitasking. And you can’t blame her for thinking that she has a decent chance to win the nomination. No one on the GOP side has as much passion on the issues, truth be damned, as she does.

Of course, if Pawlenty is really trying for the VP role, he has to root against Bachmann, since the Constitution wouldn’t let the two of them run on the same ticket. Then again, Bachmann might convince us (or at least the MSM) that the Founding Fathers intended two people to run from the same state.

When the candidates were bragging about their ability to reproduce, something Democratic politicians do with the same level of glee, you have to tip your hat to Bachmann. She has 5 kids of her own, and has been a foster parent to 23 others. Whatever you might think about her teabagger level of historical knowledge, Bachmann deserves praise for helping kids in need.

Romney is running on helping the economy grow, but his numbers are governor of Massachusetts were horrible. Pawlenty wants to do the same thing, and his numbers aren’t good either. Herman Cain might have better numbers, but we need more dough than even a national pizza chain can deliver.

Democrats went through a transition four years ago. Not 2008, but 2007. The conventional wisdom was that John Edwards was the frontrunner. He was white, male, Southern, and the standard bearer, having run with John Kerry in 2004. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ran a race that threw away conventional wisdom. Could the GOP have a similar race in 2012?

The conventional thought is that the GOP isn’t that creative, but Sarah Palin came out of the woodwork to prove everyone wrong. The Palin move was as close to mavericky as McCain got in the campaign. Well, his brief break from the race and blowing off David Letterman was mavericky, but few would hold that up as something to be repeated.

In fact, the eventual GOP nominee may not even be in the picture and certainly not on stage this week. This isn’t to foreshadow the one possible nominee who is riding in a large bus, though Sarah Palin doesn’t need to distract herself by even being on stage at this point. Too long a period for the gotcha questions from the lamestream media like, “What did you see in Boston?” They’ve learned their lesson not to ask about the magazines and newspapers anymore.

In other words, there is a long way to go before we have a clue as to who the top nominees will be, much less which one stands up in a sweltering room in late summer 2012 to accept the GOP nomination. If you aren’t a GOP supporter, enjoy watching the candidates make foolish remarks. If you are a GOP supporter, there is plenty of time to pick a candidate, or draft one to come in off the bench.


Written by democracysoup

June 17, 2011 at 7:16 am

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