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MSM selectively loves conspiracy theories allows Sarah Palin’s hypocrisy

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Shortly after we learned that Osama bin Laden had been killed, there was the flutter on the MSM that people might think the death of Osama bin Laden is all a conspiracy theory.

The MSM traditionally ignored conspiracy theories, whether they be far-fetched or somewhat possible. The “we didn’t land on the moon” was never taken seriously. The “CIA introduced crack to the United States” had quality research, but was completely ignored.

The top conspiracy theory of the 21st century “9/11 was an inside job” was massively ignored. The “Bush wasn’t concerned about stopping 9/11” was even more ignored, though again, there were some plausible points.

The bin Laden conspiracy theory was the second major conspiracy theory shared by the MSM in a 7-day period. The first was the long-standing “Obama wasn’t born in the United States” conspiracy theory.

Think about this: even in the “9/11 was an inside job” — there were more “proof” than the birthers have had in their cause. As conspiracy theories go, the birthers make the weakest case, yet have been given the most legitimacy by the MSM.

But the MSM have gone beyond ignoring a juicy conspiracy theory involving one of the most secretive personalities in modern politics: Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has called on President Barack Obama to release the pictures of bin Laden. Yet we are still waiting for Palin to release something that every modern presidential and vice presidential candidates have released, every one except for Sarah Palin.

During the campaign, Sarah Palin managed to get to Election Day without releasing a single page of her medical records. And outside of MSNBC, no one in the MSM raised a peep?

What is she hiding? Why won’t she release the medical records?

Of course, the most logical answer is another conspiracy theory: Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig.

Others, including yours truly, have written extensively about the many holes in Sarah Palin’s story about the birth of Trig. But the MSM has no interest.

Again, a conspiracy theory with significant evidence isn’t as juicy to the MSM as the weak case made by the birthers. Let’s go back to my reaction to an ad that ran in the Chicago Tribune in late 2008:

Among its many charges is that Obama lost his U.S. citizenship at the age of 4 (we are not making this up) since his mother married an Indonesian citizen. If you are born in the United States, you are a citizen, regardless of where your parents are from, and you don’t have the power at the age of 4 to say otherwise.

Let’s make Sarah Palin a deal: She releases everything having to do with the birth of Trig. She renounces the birthers and everything they stand for.

And in exchange, even if we disagree with her, we’ll take her seriously. If Sarah Palin has been telling the truth about Trig all this time, then she has nothing to hide.

But until Palin does so, she has no business pushing her own conspiracy theories. There is a giant plank in her eye; Palin should leave slivers alone.


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