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Keith Olbermann sets date for Current TV; Katie Couric’s CBS exit is official

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Ah! Have to love symmetry.

The nightly newscaster with the most credibility and the nightly newscaster with the least (non-FOX) credibility make news that warms our hearts.

Keith Olbermann announces that his new nightly newscast will have an old title: Countdown with Keith Olbermann. The show will debut on Current TV in the old time slot, 8 pm Eastern with repeats at 11p and 2a Eastern. For those who don’t get Current, and you should make sure you do, there will be an online presence to the program.

The major drawback is that I don’t get Current TV in HD. I finally got MSNBC in HD several days after the network let Olbermann go.

The other fear is that the show was almost perfect — before the end came — and have unfettered control could make for an angrier, more top-heavy program. Being free of control sounds good, but sometimes having control can make your show better. As long as Olbermann understands this, the new Countdown will be fine.

Oh, and stop making contributions to political candidates. That should still be a no-no, even on Current TV.

As for Katie Couric, well, who else did you think we were talking about. Couric told People magazine — somehow the fitting place — that she is leaving the CBS Evening News. Her future is in syndication, which would have been good for journalism and the planet if only she had gone that route 5 years ago. Katie, you will not be missed.

video from FOK — Friends of Keith

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