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If John Ensign were Democratic, he wouldn’t have lasted in the Senate until 2011

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Next time you are in a bar talking politics, or encounter an in-law or your sister’s date who decides to jump into the hot water of political discussion, and that person tells you that the media treats Republicans worse than Democrats, calmly tell that person the story of one John Ensign.

Amazingly, we have reached 2011 and John Ensign is actually resigning from the Senate (effective May 3), but only because the Senate Ethics Committee is finally getting serious about Ensign’s many sordid activities.

This isn’t just about the affair Ensign had with one of his staffers, or that she was on his payroll, and her husband was on the payroll, and that their teenage son was given a $5,400 job from a political operation controlled by Ensign, and that her salary was doubled, and that Ensign’s parents paid off the mistress. Well, it is about those events and the others that are too many to mention.

It could be about Ensign’s hypocrisy about calling on President Bill Clinton to resign in 1998 over far less than Ensign has done, and speaking on the Senate floor in 2004 in defense of the Federal Marriage Amendment (anti-gay marriage legislation), and said, “Marriage is the cornerstone on which our society was founded.” Or his involvement in the highly controversial C Street religious house in Washington.

The MSM, it is said, loves a political scandal. And really loves a political scandal with sex. Unless the politician is a Republican.

We saw more ink and video tape about John Edwards and Eliot Spitzer than John Ensign. Put one of those first two names in the blanks when Ensign’s name actually goes, and see what the reaction to that raw meat would be.

There has been more MSM coverage of Donald Trump’s impression of a birther than on the John Ensign sex scandal, and Ensign has better hair.

Yes, Ensign announced earlier that he wouldn’t run for re-election in 2012. We have known for almost two years about Ensign’s affair and other elements, yet finding stories outside the inner political circle were like looking for a job in 2009 or 2010. When the scandal first broke in 2009, and I was covering politics for my day job, we were stunned that the MSM would look at a juicy sex political scandal in the eye and look away.

Then again, we can’t be that shocked. David Vitter, fellow hypocrite and senator, in as much admitted to a crime — a sex crime — as U.S. senator — that didn’t warrant any significant coverage, especially given reports about visiting prostitutes back in his home state of Louisiana. And Vitter got re-elected after doing all of these things.

When thinking about the lack of coverage of Ensign and Vitter, you have to think about when Stephen Colbert did his take at the White House Correspondents Dinner. You could hear a pin drop as the MSM worked to obliterate Colbert’s name from the evening. Yet when you ask most Americans to remember one guest speaker from any year of the WHCD, and they will say, “Stephen Colbert.”

Not every story is a conspiracy by the MSM. But every so often, a story that obviously should be covered — isn’t. And those stories favor conservatives. If anyone from the MSM would like to share with us why the Ensign story hasn’t received more press, leave a comment. Or better yet, write a guest column. We would only edit it for spelling, grammar, libel, etc.

Help us out. Good reasons, bad reasons: just let us know why John Ensign and David Vitter received such glowing non-press.

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