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Canadian PM Stephen Harper copies Bush by ejecting people from campaign events

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Yes, our sister blog,, is hard at work covering the ongoing Canadian election cycle. And while not all of the nuances of the campaign will even make that Web site, the story of people being tossed out of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper campaign rallies had a memorable yet eerie familiarity.

Why it sounded just like what George W. Bush’s people did.

Harper has been justifiably criticized for striving to be a Bush wannabe on multiple levels. And Harper certainly pulled one out of Bush’s playbook.

Like the Bush scenarios, Harper’s people required guests to be registered. This made it easy for Harper’s people to find a political science major who had a picture of her with Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff on her Facebook page. Ignatieff had been to the same college Harper attended earlier in the campaign.

She was forced to leave, driven to tears, and removed by the RCMP, like the Secret Service in the States, designed to protect the leader,  not perform political stunts (like the Secret Service did for Bush).

For many more details, check out the story at


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