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Dennis Kucinich gets moment in the sun for principled stand, but MSM normally runs away from him

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There is a former presidential candidate who is on his third wife, and has been around a long time in politics. But unlike Newt Gingrich, this guy can’t seem to get on television no matter how hard he tries.

Dennis Kucinich has run for president in the last two elections, has been a Congressman since 1997, and has the whole “boy mayor” angle from the days when he ran Cleveland.

But the MSM tries really hard not to put Kucinich on television no matter how smart he is — funny how Gingrich does not have that problem.

Kucinich even has an attractive wife, and never served divorce papers to a wife while she was recovering from cancer.

But now Dennis Kucinich is on the TV all the time. Why now after all these years?

Because, according to Kucinich, President Barack Obama’s decision to participate in a no-fly zone “would appear on its face to be an impeachable offense.”

Networks worked really hard to exclude Kucinich from presidential debates, one even after he had been invited. And now, they want to hear what he has to say.

There were calls for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to be impeached, and Kucinich wasn’t invited on those shows. Unlike what Bush and Cheney were accused of, what Obama did was very similar and/or even less so than several recent presidents.

We can agree with Kucinich that Congress should be the only ones to declare war, that the War Powers Act doesn’t mean Congress can sacrifice its responsibilities. We don’t think the current action, as is, falls under the war category. But Kucinich’s overall point is spot on.

And even where we might disagree with the Cleveland area Congressman, we think he should be on TV with this point of view.

But the better question is why the MSM thinks this is finally the team to put Kucinich on television. Newt Gingrich is considered one of the smartest Republicans, and Kucinich is way smarter than Gingrich. Networks fall over themselves to put Gingrich on TV.

Okay, so Kucinich isn’t a beauty queen, but neither is Gingrich. Yet one of them is on TV all the time.

The difference — conservative vs. liberal — is only part of the argument. Kucinich isn’t just a liberal; he’s very liberal and extremely principled, neither of which makes for good television.

Even as the MSM claims that it is balanced, they rarely put someone as liberal as the conservatives they feature on TV. Have you honestly seen someone as liberal as Ann Coulter is conservative?

Dennis Kucinich isn’t an opportunistic liberal, or even person. He doesn’t jump on a bandwagon just to do so; he reacts purely on princple, and isn’t motivated by talking points. Kucinich has railed against presidents of both major parties because he feels that his principles are important, and politics shouldn’t get in the way.

This is the antithesis of the ways the MSM reacts to political fighting. Those who are opportunistic, sway with the breezes of the moment, talks in contradictions often in the same breath — they get on political television. People such as Newt Gingrich.

So enjoy Dennis Kucinich on television while he’s there. Because when Libya drops off the front page, Kucinich will go back to where he usually resides — off that front page. Would be nice if the MSM had room for someone such as Kucinich in the many other times where principles reign supreme.


Written by democracysoup

March 24, 2011 at 7:14 am

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