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GOP isn’t trying to grow jobs, and now is content to increase unemployment

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Smarty pants type people will tell you that 8 states touch the Great Lakes, though 5 of those states forms the hardcore Great Lakes region: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

No offense intended to Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New York, but you won’t be featured in this column.

The core Great Lakes region is in the national spotlight for reasons that would have been unthinkable last October, and are disturbing in light of how the region has suffered economically even before the crash of 2008.

Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio went from Democratic and Republican in the governor’s mansion in November. Indiana has been Republican. Illinois is the only of the five states to currently have a Democratic governor.

This isn’t the South where unions are far more rare. And Republicans in the Midwest usually are less threatening than their Southern counterparts.

You see the protesters in Wisconsin and Ohio with more to come in Michigan. Indiana has dealt with this previously.

We predicted that the Republicans would do nothing to increase jobs. Didn’t quite see the deliberate reduction of jobs as part of the GOP strategy.

People in unions, whether they be in government jobs or private jobs, make up a significant portion of what is left of the middle class. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker threatened to layoff state workers that didn’t need to be pink-slipped.

Republicans on the federal level cry about state’s rights in order to reduce the number of federal government employees. Now we have Republicans telling us that we have too many state government employees, and what few remain must do so without basic bargaining rights.

The fact that Scott Walker worked to limit the law to those who didn’t support him in the election campaign shows how little the GOP is committed to a principled stand.

And the feds are pushing through cuts that will send more people to the unemployment line.

There was a feeling in the 2010 election that the Democratic Party didn’t do enough to stem the rising tide of unemployment. We here at Democracy Soup agreed with that sentiment.

The disagreement came from the solution: enough people decided to punish the Dems for their lack of effort. Our solution would be to elect a stronger majority so more could get done.

Not only do we not have any efforts to increase jobs in the United States, but also we have strong passionate calls to reduce the few jobs left in this country.

Before Keith Olbermann was chased off MSNBC, he would sign off his program by asking John Boehner, “Where are the jobs?”

We will pay homage to Olbermann and those looking for work by asking the GOP, “Where are the jobs and where are the jobs to replace the lost ones you all are chasing away?”

Okay, that isn’t catchy. But the fear exists that the MSM — and the Obama Administration — have already forgotten that millions are still looking for work. Their obsession over deficits, as opposed to job creation, has the potential to double dip this recession.

To paraphrase James Carville, “it’s the jobs, stupid.” The MSM, GOP, and the White House need to learn this before it’s way too late.


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