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Sarah Palin could have a positive effect on the food supply if she argued policy, not politics

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Given how badly Sarah Palin has been trashing Michelle Obama, the “Let’s Move” campaign, and the government trying to get us to eat better, you would think that Sarah Palin would be the last person who could help improve America’s food system.

Actually, Palin has outsider cred, and the USDA/FDA/corn subsidy/high-fructose corn syrup is such a giant monster, no insider can do what needs to be done. And the teabaggers, people who respect Palin, should be as upset about many elements of the American food system. Someone with power and outsider cred would be perfect, and the fact that Palin has small children would make her efforts even more legitimate.

The problem is that her limited world view is “government bad, Obamas bad, Democrats bad.” But there are elements to the American food system that offend Republicans, yet they still go through. Our food system isn’t truly free market — just one example.

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Written by democracysoup

December 7, 2010 at 7:55 am

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