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Economy needs total effort, but won’t come from House-led GOP

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“This is not a charade; we need total concentration.”

You aren’t expected to know this phrase, even if you are a fan of “Kentucky Fried Movie.” But this is the phrase that has been rolling through my head.

With all the effort that was made over the last two years to try and improve the economy — not saying it was enough or well-done — we are now faced with at least two years of much less effort.

There will still be 435 representatives and 100 senators come next January when the new Congress kicks in. And President Barack Obama will still be there.

But the focus on the economy won’t be. The economy — in horrible shape — will not be a priority of the new GOP-led House.

Oh, they will tell you it is, how we need jobs. But the economy isn’t their number one priority.

This isn’t surprising. The economy isn’t something the GOP has been good at doing. They certainly took credit for the late 1990s success of Bill Clinton, even if the Dem-controlled Congress had a lot to do with that. They take no credit for the poor growth between 2001-2008, even though their party was in charge.

You might ask how the GOP thinks it will continue to hold the House if it doesn’t focus on the economy.

First of all, the GOP has no plan for the economy. The teabaggers want to reduce the deficit (nice idea with bad timing), and they don’t have a plan to do that either.

The GOP says cutting taxes will create more jobs. That hasn’t been true in the 30 years they have said that. But cutting taxes is the only solution they have.

They also want to keep the Bush tax cuts for everybody, especially the rich. This won’t help the deficit or the economy.

Even David Stockman thinks the GOP is full of it. To those under a certain age, Stockman was Reagan’s budget director.

So if you are suffering from a lack of a job, or your business is losing money because people don’t have enough to spend, you will have to wait at least another two years for help.

There are two exceptions to this:

— The policies under the first two years of Barack Obama eventually kick in growth and increased jobs down the road.

— Businesses that wouldn’t spend money or hire people to make the Dems look bad will suddenly hire people.

Elections have become a game; but human beings’ lives depend on the success of what Congress can accomplish, especially on the economy.

Extended unemployment benefits? Programs such as Cash for Clunkers? Government infrastructure projects? Sped-up health care relief? None of those things that produced success under President Obama will be a part of the House agenda in 2011.

This is the worst economic headache in our lifetimes. Given the modern political spectrum, we had as much effort as we could possibly use, and still couldn’t help the economy that much. Now there will be very little done, and more people will suffer as a result.

President Obama isn’t going to be able to convince the GOP to do what is needed to help the American people. He couldn’t pull that off in the last two years. If anything, the situation is much less likely.

There is amazingly one ray of hope, but is as likely as the new speaker giving up tanning.

The teabaggers can ask the GOP for help. After all, the teabaggers have the ear of the GOP (along with business, the Chamber of Commerce, et al.). They can ask the GOP to help them get jobs, since the teabaggers are predominantly poor.

That isn’t going to happen. But if it did, it would be the economy’s only chance.


Written by democracysoup

November 3, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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