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Don’t focus on prominent teabaggers to see which way election will go

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O’Donnell. Angle. Miller. Paul.

These are the top notable teabagger names. And the way the coverage goes, these are the names that will matter tomorrow.

But as you can imagine, they aren’t the most important names. Many names you don’t know and you haven’t heard will decide which party will control the House and maybe even the Senate.

So why does traditional political media focus on the races that don’t matter? Personalities.

Nate Silver and people such as him are keeping track of the races that truly show whether a revolution is coming or not. In the superficial coverage of politics, masturbation and witches make for better copy.

A lot of small races have to go in a distinct pattern — for either major party — to get the results needed for a good night, and a good two years.

Though, if O’Donnell, Angle, Miller, and Paul end up in the win column, the Dems will have a long night, a very long two years, and because Senate terms are six years, let’s say a really, really long stretch for the Dems.

And if somehow the Dems hang on to the House and/or Senate, they might take all the credit. But they should thank the teabaggers for the candidates they have provided.



Written by democracysoup

November 1, 2010 at 7:51 am

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