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MSM wants GOP to take House and Senate, but voters can say otherwise

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Having worked as a sports writer, the adage I always remembered was that “there’s no cheering in the press box.”

You don’t openly pull for a team to win the contest. You might root for a good story, but you don’t do it out loud, and you certainly know that a good story can come from different outcomes.

What we have in this campaign is a MSM trying desperately to root for a GOP takeover of the House and Senate.

That outcome could happen, but you still aren’t supposed to root for it. And if this was 2006, you wouldn’t root for a Democratic takeover either.

But the MSM is pouring it on thicker than real maple syrup because of 1994. The MSM didn’t predict the GOP takeover of both houses, and clearly regretted not sucking up before the race. The MSM is determined not to make that same “mistake” twice.

There is a tiny technicality that the vote hasn’t actually happened yet. Oh, some states have early voting, and Dems are much more likely to vote early.

The people get to decide the outcome, all day on November 2.

Now you might say, “If all the polls point to a GOP landslide, should we not report that?”

But the reporting goes beyond poll numbers, and a lot of polls are pretty close. And the polls aren’t literal; it’s just a snapshot.

There is this inside baseball game among the status quo Beltway media members that conflict makes for better stories. This is exceedingly annoying and completely unprofessional, but isn’t as dangerous when economic times are decent. Economic times are still very dire.

Then there is the open boredom and hostility toward one-party rule when the Dems have it, but not when the Republicans have it. When Campbell Brown and John King spent Election Night 2008 being negative about the prospects of Dem one-party rule but ignored all the Republican one-party rule, that was the symptom of a much larger disease.

The MSM wants what it perceives to be conflict: they want a Republican-led Congress in 2011. They want the House and Senate to be in charge against President Barack Obama.

Now they likely want this deep down inside, and we might never know. We could applaud the honesty, but the lack of professionalism drowns out the bright spots of honesty.

The potential stories due to conflict (which also can account for their strong interest in everything the teabaggers are all about) wouldn’t be as bad if they felt the same way in reverse. There was no push for a Democratically controlled Congress in 2001 or 2003 or 2005.

Even when it looked like the Dems could retake the House and Senate, there was not this level of enthusiasm exhibited in 2010.

Since 1981, there have been four years of Democratic control of the White House and Congress, and the stories reflected in those terms paint a picture where the MSM isn’t crazy about this scenario. The worst coverage happened when the GOP was in control of the White House and Congress.

So is the MSM’s wish a fait accompli?

Despite what you have heard, the vote trumps all (assuming all who want to vote gets a chance, and all the votes are properly counted).

You can make the pundits eat their words. The only one standing in the way of their desires is you.

As for the lack of passion in the 2010 election, we will deal with that more on Monday and Tuesday.


Written by democracysoup

October 29, 2010 at 8:11 am

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