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Should companies do all they can to help in the recession?

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Are companies doing all they can to help in this depressive recession? And if they aren’t, are their actions unpatriotic?

You hear the stories. Companies are sitting on money. Companies are threatening to lay off people in reaction to proposed legislation that doesn’t affect employment.

It does feel as if companies are rooting for the Dems to get their butts kicked on Election Day.

Yes, companies are making this personal, which is convenient since they are now people, thanks to the Supreme Court. And they are very used to getting their way, so we can’t be surprised that they are spoiled.

(One side note: even though companies are now people, we still use non-personal words to describe them. As we learned in Animal House, “Vegetables are sensual, people are sensuous.”)

Whatever your political stance, horrible economic times should be a moment when the country should pull together and help each other. After September 11, 2001, this country did pull together, even if the events were milked for political gain later. In the short-term time after the attacks, there was some level of harmony.

And unless you’re really old, these are the worst economic times of your lifetime. And it is absolutely disheartening to see multiple powerful forces fighting with all their might to make sure the miserable elements continue.

Companies that could hire people that don’t. Wall Street people still whining that they are being picked on. Politicians who weakened the stimulus, said “No” when we desperately needed “Yes.” They are all guilty.

To make one thing absolutely clear, notice in the previous paragraph that no political party was specifically identified. Republicans have been the worst, but a few Democratic politicians make the list.

Watching people get rich and powerful from others’ suffering is something the preachers and holier-than-thous should be screaming about. But some of them are rooting for those in their powerful positions to become even more powerful.

As long as companies are people and then some, as long as companies are rewarded for treating American citizens with utter disregard, this behavior will continue.

If these companies get what they want: Republican control — and they actually start hiring once the GOP is in charge, people should rise up and say, “We’re not going to work for your company. You weren’t there when we need you. We are not going to reward your lack of patriotism.”

Some will take the jobs because they literally have no other choice. But it would be good to see companies get punished for their really bad behavior. As to whether the companies’ behavior is or isn’t patriotic — well, even if they are people, they aren’t Americans. Their loyalty isn’t to America or even their shareholders.

Their flag is green with numbers on it. They salute it every day. And we pay the price.


Written by democracysoup

October 19, 2010 at 8:12 am

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