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Christine O’Donnell uses Sarah Palin playbook to stiff arm MSM

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In 2008, a lot of people were worried about what would happen if Sarah Palin gained national power. I was more worried about what would happen if a precedent was set about lack of accessibility to a top candidate.

Christine O’Donnell is the extension of Sarah Palin, and not just in the obvious ways. O’Donnell is taking a page of the Palin playbook on dealing with the national media. Or not dealing, as the case is.

Even though O’Donnell has run for the Senate before, this year, the ground rules are different, and Sarah Palin made that possible.

The media and the Dems were afraid of going after Sarah Palin for several reasons. They didn’t want to be seen as being mean to a woman (Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro know there is an exception for Democratic women). Of course, it didn’t hurt that Palin was a master at twisting any criticism of her into something more bizarre than the original concern.

O’Donnell has signaled that she is done talking to the national media, not that she really did so beyond the hard-core right-wing suspects. The national media “twists” things that O’Donnell has said only because she actually said them.

She claims that she will only talk to local media. That would be fine if she were running for sheriff of Sussex County or president of the New Castle County Board. Boring, but fine.

But O’Donnell is running for a U.S. Senate seat: this is the national stage. Of course, O’Donnell will get away with this strategy because the MSM will fear any perception of “ganging up on her.”

For the nay-sayers, the “attacks” against her have only come from things she actually said.

Sarah Palin famously never released her medical records. Aside from a few on the left who criticized that action, the MSM left her alone on this issue.

O’Donnell knows she’ll received similar treatment because the precedent has been set. Even though O’Donnell has a chance to win.

So without the pressure of any form of negativity, O’Donnell has launched a “I’m You” campaign.

Here is why Christine O’Donnell will never be you:

— Christine O’Donnell herself she had access to classified information that China is trying to take over the United States. But she won’t answer questions on why she said this or how she got this classified information.

— You might have also dabbled in witchcraft, but chances are if you did, you believe in evolution and your views on masturbation are likely different than hers.

— Christine O’Donnell says she’ll go to Washington to do what you would do, though she doesn’t say what that is. You would go to Washington and plow through all spending to find ways to trim the fat but keep needed services. O’Donnell will only look at cutting spending on things that she doesn’t like.

— O’Donnell says “I’m nothing you’ve heard.” But the things people have said about her have been based on the direct quotes from O’Donnell herself. Not even Aaron Sorkin could make up this kind of dialogue. You wouldn’t be that bad a liar.

— If somehow you were running for a national office, you would have the gumption to stare down any newsperson, regardless of political stripe, to get your message to the American public on where you stand. O’Donnell won’t do that.

— And in coming up with a political ad, you would produce a better campaign ad that “I’m you.”

The campaign comes across as fake in itself, but when coupled with a lack of national appearances, the impression is that the less said the better until November 2. If a candidate, regardless of political stripe, has that little regard for the voting public, their time in Washington will not be spent well, assuming the voters overlook the candidate’s cowardice on the issues.


Written by democracysoup

October 8, 2010 at 7:53 am

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