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Teabaggers want change but they know the change that they want?

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Okay, so I have been a little rough on the teabaggers. Maybe by calling them teabaggers.

But you have to give them some credit: they are making things interesting in the 2010 midterm elections.

They are fielding some atypical candidates: Rand Paul, Sharron Doyle, Joe Miller, and the newest winner, Christine O’Donnell. They seem disorganized, confused about the Constitution, yet running for offices that require them to uphold said Constitution.

They want to change things because things need to be changed. In 2008, those on the left — whom the teabaggers don’t want to include in their little club — wanted change because things needed to be changed. But while the 2008 people wanted specific things, the 2010 version wants change, backwards or forwards.

If the teabaggers do pull off the wins in November, there is the great potential for significant “change” even if nothing much does “change.” And you can bet that if the teabaggers get in, the 2010 version of those wanting change won’t be satisfied no matter what they do.

The 2008 version is angry about what hasn’t changed in the last two years, but their anger isn’t suitable for the MSM. Sure they aren’t carrying signs equating anybody to Hitler or wondering where certain people were born. They aren’t even misspelling signs; these people know how to spell.

So if the teabaggers win in November, you will see signs — presumably misspelled — about how we need change in 2012. But they still won’t know what the change is that they want.

The fascinating element to this “outrage” from teabaggers is that they are afraid of losing what they have. Well, they haven’t had much. They had more under President Clinton, but they were more concerned about a blue dress. They had less under George W. Bush, but they were less concerned about his pretending to look for WMDs that he already knew didn’t exist, and even less concerned about the millions who died as a result.

Despite the scary Orson Welles wannabes (think 1938 version), they still have what they had. Really. The scary half-black president hasn’t taken away a thing from them. He hasn’t helped them as much as he could, but if that were the criteria, the teabaggers would have carrying signs comparing Bush to Hitler.

The spin we are hearing from the MSM is that the Democratic Party is happy that Paul, Doyle, Miller, and O’Donnell won their primaries as it gives their candidates a better chance in November. This may be technically true, but they shouldn’t be proud. Grateful yes, but they need to start working their tails off to earn those votes.

Because the teabaggers have one political asset that the MSM will likely discount: acceptable anger.

Will Hispanics and African-Americans turn out at even close to the same level of participation in 2010 as they did in 2008? Every measure says no. Democracy didn’t end in 2008; it’s a perpetual ongoing machine powered by the passion of the people. Liberals have a lot of great  qualities — passion to the polls isn’t one of them.

Conservatives show up and vote. Angry conservatives come up in larger groups to vote. Liberals will protest, hand out petitions, and ask people to raise up their voices. Conservatives do very little to participate in the democratic process, but voting is one of those things.

The Democrats don’t like their fellow brethren along the lines of Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson, but they keep them in the fold. Republicans beat up on people such as Michael Castle.

How bad were things for Castle? Stephen Colbert re-ran an interview with Castle last week to give Castle Colbert’s famous “Colbert bump.” When the Colbert bump can’t help you, stronger forces are at work.

Delaware voters thought they were getting a Beau Biden-Michael Castle classic matchup for Vice President Joe Biden’s Senate seat. Now we have Chris Coons against Christine O’Donnell.

The kind of Republicans who like Michael Castle will have a choice in November that they probably won’t like. Welcome to Democrat world: people who support the Democratic Party do this all the time.

And if O’Donnell and her fellow teabaggers do pull off the November upset, we will learn what their view of change really is. Whatever way that is, 2011 will be interesting, even if it’s not helpful to the nation’s growing problems.


Written by democracysoup

September 17, 2010 at 8:06 am

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