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If Obama had behaved like FDR, Dems would have gained seats in 2010

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If you are rooting for the Democratic Party and in particular, Barack Obama, you got some good news this week.

The retirement of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley means that Rahm Emanuel will likely leave as White House Chief of Staff to run for the mayoral position. While it’s possible that Emanuel would have been forced out as Chief of Staff, having a good excuse such as this one would help President Obama get a new start.

DNC Chair Tim Kaine may also be on the move — Jon Stewart with one hand tied behind his back made Kaine look foolish on The Daily Show this week.

In the almost two years since Obama has taken office, there have been a few significant accomplishments, and the Democratic Party has done an incredibly lousy job at promoting what those are. Kaine touted the health care reform, which hasn’t kicked in for millions of Americans. The stimulus was mentioned, though that had been severely weakened.

We saw President Obama on the campaign trail this week, offering up more tax cuts for businesses. The policies might not have been from George W. Bush but conservatives loved the idea, even if not saying so publicly.

The fight over the Bush tax cuts was ever so fascinating since Obama worked really hard to make sure the Bush tax cuts for the richest people stayed for the first two years of his presidency. Obama could have come up with a mandate, which he had, and said, “To the richest people, the top 1%-2%, you have had a break over these 8 years. Now it is your time to accept the spirit of sacrifice as our country needs your help.”

But Obama cowardly let them continue, hoping they would die a natural death. How is that going?

Many who voted Obama for 2008 — the ones who have been kicked in the teeth by the Obama White House — were hoping Obama would act in the spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt to take care of the economic issues after the 2008 depressive recession.

FDR got a lot done in a short period of time. And how did the Democratic Party do in 1934? After all, we were still in a severe depression much worse than even this one, as difficult as that might seem. Was there the threat of the Republican Party taking back the reins of government?

In the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party gained 9 seats, the Wisconsin Progressive Party gained 7 seats, the Farmer-Labor Party lost 2 seats. The Republican Party lost 14 seats, reducing their percentage of seats to 23.6%.

In the Senate, the Dems had 60 seats to 35 for the GOP before. Afterwards, the Democratic Party had 69 seats — 8 of the 9 wins were defeating Republican incumbents. Also, one GOP senator switched to the Progressive Party. There was one Farmer-Labor party senator before and after the 1934 elections.

The 2010 election predictions are for a calamity much deeper than 9-seat gains. Those predicting a GOP House takeover might be in for a shock; they were probably the same people who didn’t predict 1994 so they don’t want to be seen as missing this one.

Barack Obama’s biggest nightmare should have been a repeat of Bill Clinton’s dilemma. If Obama doesn’t think he is getting enough done now, wait until 2011. Even if the takeover scenario doesn’t happen, Obama will get even less done.

Successful presidents know to grab the bull by the horns when you first get to office. You got to do it fast or you may not be able to do it at all.

Democrats blasted Obama when he made reference during the 2008 presidential campaign to Ronald Reagan’s leadership style. If only Obama had combined FDR and Reagan with a 21st century twist.

Obama and the Democratic Party are in trouble because they didn’t do enough and what little they did wasn’t done quickly enough. Sure you can imagine that the Dems would have lost some seats in 2010 even if the unemployment rate was better.

But independents thought Obama and the Dems were going to get more done, and it hasn’t happened. Some of the teabaggers could have come to the other side, but have felt abandoned — once again.

More needed to be done. More still needs to be done. The American people understand this. The White House doesn’t. The Democratic Party doesn’t.

Kaine talked about bringing back the middle class. There are millions of people who were in the middle class and aren’t there now. How about helping the poor.

The GOP helps the rich. The Dems help the middle-class. And no party is left to help the rest of the people.

For you “old-timers” out there, you might remember that the Democratic Party used to want to help the poor. Robert F. Kennedy, 1968. We’ve seen the footage.

FDR stepped up and helped the poor, especially the ones who hadn’t always been poor, and the Democratic Party dominated the landscape for 20 years. Obama? Not so much.

Kaine gave Stewart a key chain with the slogan “Don’t Give Them the Keys Back” meaning the Republicans. Stewart’s response, “You’re in trouble, dude.”

The Republicans have nothing new to offer. They have done nothing to help. And they are running some odd candidates. Yet, the GOP will likely gain in November.

Labor Day marks the turning point when people start paying attention to the elections. This is probably the best hope for the Democratic Party. Obama has blown opportunity after opportunity to prove himself a difference maker. People such as Emanuel and Kaine aren’t helping. But even though politics offers second chances, you still have to work for it.


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    September 26, 2010 at 11:56 pm

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    September 28, 2010 at 1:44 am

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