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Defending the Constitution requires us to stand up to those opposing Muslim cultural center

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It’s great when political figures stand up for the Constitution that they swear to uphold. Let’s preface that statement: It’s great when political figures stand up for the Constitution that they swear to uphold — even when the 2nd Amendment isn’t involved.

This also goes for political figures who at one time swore to uphold the Constitution, but are no longer in office.

Having that political figure also be the president of the United States — well that is beyond a beautiful thing. Then, President Barack Obama had to backtrack, thanks to the mealy-mouths of the right wing along with the MSM.

The president stood up for freedom of religion, and he wasn’t talking about Christians. And of course, those who claim to love freedom attacked the president for upholding the same Constitution they claim to hold dear.

August — the season of mosquitos and hypocrisy.

Those on the right are freaking out about mosques and Muslims because of a proposed cultural center built in Lower Manhattan, somewhere near Ground Zero. As The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has pointed out, there is a mosque 4 blocks from Ground Zero; the proposed Muslim cultural center is 2 blocks. (MSM, the proposed cultural center is not a mosque, stop reporting that it is a mosque.)

But as the comedy show has also noted, some on the right want to block mosques hundreds of miles away: California, Wisconsin, Tennessee.

This mentality goes back to September 11, 2001 when the United States was attacked. But even in the face of an attack, America should have stepped up and said, “You did attack us, but we will be stronger than ever. That is the American spirit.”

Well, that didn’t happen.

How did the “greatest country in the world” — as Sean Hannity would say — become so fearful so quickly? After all, 99% of this country wasn’t directly attacked. No red state area was even threatened, yet the red state mentality feels most vulnerable and more eager to give away the liberties in our Constitution as if they were candy on Halloween.

Countless liberties were thrown out based on fear and uncertainty. And almost 9 years later, they still haven’t come back.

The principles and liberties that we hold dear are supposed to be what America is all about. If you aren’t consistent in upholding those principles and liberties, if you are willing to let those go like dandelions in the wind, then you might not be patriotic.

Yes, it is that clear. America didn’t get whatever success it has had from fear; bravery saved the day. The Louisiana Purchase, buying Alaska from Russia — they were not cowardly moves.

The America I thought I knew would look at a Muslim cultural center 2 blocks away from Ground Zero and say, “Let’s make sure our friends and neighbors understand the significance of where they have placed their cultural center. Some of us may not like where you are putting your cultural center, but we will defend to the death your right to put a cultural center on private property.”

Use it as a teaching moment, as our president has done in other cases. If tests of patriotism were easy, well, they wouldn’t be worthwhile. Tests are hard for a reason — they’re tests.

And we have miserably flunked. Not just in this case, but in the last 9 years. We let the “president” launch two questionable wars, one more questionable than the other. We refused to push to raise taxes to pay for those wars. We turned our backs on our principles, liberties, and yes, our fellow Americans who might have “funny” names.

We are still miserably flunking this test. As Howard Kurtz reported, the right-wing mentality wasn’t so upset about the proposed cultural center back in December. Now they are livid.

But we expect that from the right wing: Talk then think. What is sad is watching what that thought process is doing to Democratic politicians. Obama’s modification was overplayed by the MSM, but Obama didn’t help things by modifying a statement that should have stood on its own.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should be deeply ashamed of himself. Yes, Reid is running for re-election in Nevada against a teabagger, but the Constitution he swore to defend doesn’t include exceptions for political expediency in running for re-election.

We don’t require that citizens have a clue about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or even how our government works, but it would be nice if they took a refresher course. And no, classes at Glenn Beck University don’t count.

Consider the following statement and ask yourself how this would go over in this environment:

“There are those who threaten our principles, liberties, and our Constitution over irrational fears and concerns. They aren’t Muslims or extreme Islamists. They are Americans who say “no” out of ignorance. And as someone who has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, I will not let someone tinker with over 200 years of freedom over a misunderstanding.”

Who said this? No one. No person has said this.

The first politician who says something similar to this will get accolades from DemocracySoup and a lot of criticism elsewhere. But that politician will get our undying respect. Something that has been lacking lately when it comes to defending the Constitution.


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August 20, 2010 at 7:48 am

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  1. 95-Year-Old Runs for Senate…

    We cover the same subject but your aproach is intersting….

    All Around The World News

    August 20, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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