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Basil Marceaux shows right-wing paranoia on measuring waistlines

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You likely have seen some video of Basil Marceaux, a Republican candidate for governor in Tennessee. Either you saw the original video or the Colbert Report take on the candidate.

There were a number of ramblings both in the video and on Marceaux’s Web site; seriously, this guy makes Alvin Greene sound as smart as Bill Bradley.

Marceaux would promise as governor that if there was a national health bill that the government will not measure waistlines, as they do in other countries (counties??).

There are no countries or counties that are doing this or planning to do this. The idea of this is totally made up, much like the concept of death panels, but a little more weird.

Just because you throw an idea out there as to what the “other side” is doing doesn’t make it so. Sitting around making up odd scenarios doesn’t mean they are true.

Credibility has to count for something, but we are in odd times.

For a more detailed analysis from a food perspective, read my link from my sister blog,

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