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GOP should admit that they believe what Joe Barton said about Obama and BP was true

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Joe Barton (R-TX) bashes the Obama Administration for a “shakedown” over the BP $20 million fund to help clean up damages from the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Joe Barton apologizes.

While the GOP has tried to maintain the charade of pretending they feel bad for what Barton said, anybody with a pulse who follows politics knows the following is true.

a) Republicans think businesses should do anything they want to do.

b) Republicans trust businesses with no accountability over government, which has accountability to the taxpayers, even if those Republicans are part of the government.

c) If Republicans try to hide these facts from the voter, especially in an election cycle, the GOP hypocrisy will ooze out in places we don’t normally expect.

The Republicans — at least those in power — believe that BP is the victim, not the environment and certainly not the animals or the humans that have suffered as a result of BP’s actions. And theoretically, the GOP has principles from which they base their feelings toward corporations.

So why are they afraid to admit this to us?

After all, Barton is the ranking member of the Republican Party of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Barton got to keep his job. And no one thought this would change, despite what Barton said. Because the GOP feels that while what Barton said was unpopular, they think he was right.

Democratic politicians believe in things, and will say them out loud. When you hear them say what they believe, you appreciate their honesty. But they don’t usually fight for what they believe in. The extra $25 people were getting in their unemployment check is being threatened — by Democrats.

Republican politicians believe in things, but try really hard to disguise what they really believe. When you hear them say one thing, chances are they mean another. But they do usually fight for what they believe in.

The previous two paragraphs aren’t a shock to those that follow politics. But what is fascinating is that the Democratic take is little-covered in the MSM and the Republican take is not covered at all by the MSM.

GOP hypocrisy? MSM has never heard of it. Democratic hypocrisy? MSM occasionally mentions it.

The mainstream media generally thinks if it exposes hypocrisy — such as the majority of what Sarah Palin says or when those in the GOP says George W. Bush wasn’t in charge on 9/11 — they will lose face.

While I am piling on the GOP for its hypocrisy — since there is much more of this from them — the media’s job should be to expose the hypocrisy from all sides. And the media should be gloating when they do so. Check marks, stars — whatever school kids need to inspire themselves to do better in the classroom; the media needs a system to keep them motivated to expose hypocrisy.

There was a surprise about the Rolling Stone interview of General McChrystal by Michael Hastings, mostly from the MSM wondering how Hastings pulled it off. Hastings probably did all the things the MSM should be doing but don’t. No wonder they are upset.

Whatever the motivation system the MSM currently uses isn’t working. If they can’t see the hypocrisy from the GOP and Joe Barton — if they are afraid of supporting animals and humans suffering in the Gulf of Mexico rather than a faceless foreign company — then why do the MSM still have their jobs?

Joe Barton said what the GOP believes. Joe Barton apologizes. The MSM packs up and goes home. But the rest of us know better. If the MSM fought hypocrisy, perhaps the GOP could finally stand up and admit what they support. But as long as the MSM won’t touch hypocrisy, GOP and Democratic hypocrisy will only get worse, not better.


Written by democracysoup

June 25, 2010 at 7:49 am

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