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Talking about Helen Thomas difficult, but starting a conversation would make it easier

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Been trying to think of a major sports scenario where the president and vice president of the United States — normally on the same side — would be on opposite sides.

Barack Obama (Chicago Blackhawks) and Joe Biden (Philadelphia Flyers) must have had a few amusing conversations. Though Obama isn’t originally from Chicago, his wife Michelle is a lifelong Chicagoan. And Biden made an appearance at a Stanley Cup final game in Philadelphia.

Obama’s Blackhawks defeated Biden’s Flyers 4-2. Would love to see what kind of bet those two made, and how Biden paid off that bet.

So why might you ask: “Why are you talking about hockey in a political column?”

Did you really think I wanted to talk about Helen Thomas?

There is what she said — which no one has disputed was bad. There is the startling contrast between what she has said throughout her career vs. what she said in a video camera — in a similar fashion to Al Campanis.

But there is still the unsaid. Can a columnist say something against Israel — something not nearly as offensive as to what Thomas said — and still keep a job? Can the Palestinian POV be shared in any form in the United States?

If Glenn Beck and/or Rush Limbaugh said what Helen Thomas said, would they still be doing radio and/or TV shows? Is there a double standard for what right-wing voices can say, versus everyone else?

Why can’t we have a dialogue on these and other topics?

We have two 24-hour news channels and one, uh, whatever Fox is trying to do. There is also Headline News. But we don’t talk about certain issues.

We obsess about dancing with stars on a reality show, but don’t even comment on dancing around these topics.

You could argue that I am dancing around these topics myself, and you would be right. But I’m trying to make a point.

This kind of stuff isn’t easy to bring up in proper conversation. It’s difficult. But we are better off if we try.

Let’s start the dialogue.


Written by democracysoup

June 11, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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