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John Paul Stevens fought for underdog, even if teabaggers remain clueless

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This was the week of the teabaggers, er, tea party enthusiasts. Their tea party theme is best celebrated in mid-December, when the actual Boston Tea Party existed, but we assume their knowledge of history and events may not cover that knowledge.

The fascinating element of the teabaggers in their lack of information and knowledge is that they feel like victims, they feel like second-class citizens. Again, never mind the reality and actual truth; they feel like society is working against them.

But if they believe that they feel like a minority in their own country, they should be standing tall to find a replacement on the Supreme Court in the spirit of the retiring John Paul Stevens. Chances aren’t they won’t even consider the idea.

This is too bad because Stevens feels like a minority on the Court. Unlike the teabaggers, Stevens’ paranoia is real. Oh, it wasn’t always like this for Stevens. Appointed to the Court in 1975 by President Gerald Ford, Stevens was considered to the right in the balance of the Court.

Stevens has moved somewhat over the years, but the Court has flipped considerably. The flip hasn’t been 180 degrees because the Court has never been as liberal on the level of the conservative nature of the current Court.

If Barack Obama wants to help the people who elected him, and those aren’t the teabaggers, Obama will pick someone with the fighting spirit of a John Paul Stevens. Despite being picked by Republican presidents, Stevens has had very little in common with names such as Rehnquist, Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts. The most significant dissents of the past decade has Stevens in the top spot.

From the vantage point of the left, no one is prepared to rise to the level of Stevens: Ginsburg and Breyer — not a chance. Sotomayor — not sure but given her conciliatory manner, not bloody likely.

Given Obama’s conciliatory manner, the Court will likely end up with a “lover, not a fighter.” In a Court that considers corporations to be people, this speaks bad news for regular people.

This spells bad news for teabaggers, but don’t expect them to be marching with liberals to get a fighter on the Court. The teabaggers might be willing to march if they knew the ramifications of a sharply right-wing court willing and eager to take away people’s rights in the names of corporate interests.

But that would require the teabaggers to know what is going on in politics and the political impact made in their own lives. No, the teabaggers would rather carry “Obama is Hitler” signs and rant about the evils of socialized medicine, even if some of them on Medicare and Medicaid.

If teabaggers knew what was going on in the Supreme Court, they might rise to the streets and beg Obama to have more fighters on the Court. True, Fox “News” might stop covering the teabaggers or substitute other footage to appease their own causes.

As citizens, we can applaud the spirit of the teabaggers and the ability to protest. And we can impressed with the MSM’s desire to cover their ability to protest, even if they don’t extend the same courtesy to other Americans.

But as enlightened citizens, we mock how little these protesting teabaggers don’t understand what is happening to them. They should do a lot more reading so that their anger can be channeled in a way to help their lives. They could start by reading about John Paul Stevens, a fighter for the teabaggers, even if they have no clue about him.


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  1. I couldnt agree more. These people are nuts! I wrote a piece on them at Check it out.


    September 21, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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