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If Tim Geithner wants to keep his job, he should do something about our lack of jobs

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Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has come out and said unemployment figures will stay ‘unacceptably high.’

Thanks for the news update, Sherlock.

Seriously, why does Geithner still have a job? If his expertise in getting us into this mess — as head of the New York Fed — wasn’t enough, Geithner hasn’t done a whole lot to change the perception or reality that things have changed.

In the interview, Geithner is still defending TARP and the bailouts. Okay, maybe they were necessary. But those are old news. To quote the great philosopher Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me lately?”

If the American people wanted a lame, useless Treasury Secretary, they would have voted for John McCain, and Phil Gramm would be our Treasury Secretary. Okay, that would be worse, but not as worse as you would think it would be under Barack Obama.

“Change you can believe in” meant change. Geithner is more of the same. And if you’re unemployed at the moment, or know someone who is, you should be upset at Secretary Geithner. Because if he can’t point to anything he has done as being helpful to the American people, then maybe he should join the others in the unemployment line.


Written by democracysoup

April 1, 2010 at 9:28 am

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