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Ann Coulter doesn’t get that Canadians don’t like hate speech

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We think in the mighty United States that we have the best standard of freedom of speech in the world. It is true — on paper.

And you might think that Canada is messed up because they have laws against hate speech. And it’s true — on paper.

But in the world of reality, the United States allows hate speech up and down the dials of radio and screens of television. They can even flow in newspapers. But only if they are from the right wing.

There is a huge double standard in reality in the United States.

The funny thing about Ann Coulter’s whining over her speech being cancelled in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, is that she wasn’t banned from speaking.

The protesters in Canada — free speech, remember — were only expressing their views against her brand of hate speech. And they could have been protesting that Coulter thought Canada sent troops to Vietnam.

And those Canadian hate speech laws have a high tolerance: you have to go pretty far to be subjected to the laws. Not even Ann Coulter can hit those marks, so you know they are set high.

Coulter should have the right to spew her hate speech, but she doesn’t need to be on so many MSM outlets and have her views treated without objection. The soft standards she receives in the United States is likely why she is so upset in Canada. Then again, she will likely speak in Calgary, where her views aren’t as objectionable.

For a more detailed analysis on her speech and hate speech laws, check out my take from my other blog, Canadian Crossing.


Written by democracysoup

March 25, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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