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MSM’s concern over health care reform’s ramifications is disingenuous

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The MSM has taken great joy to ask whether voters will punish Democratic politicians for voting for health care reform. They aren’t just asking the question in hypothetical terms; the MSM really believes this is the concern.

What they don’t seem as eager to ask or have any emotion toward this question: “What if voters punish the Republican politicians for not supporting health care reform?”

The MSM, even by its standards, isn’t supposed to take sides. They scream neutrality: “We cover both sides.” In the health care reform battle almost completed, the MSM has had both thumbs on the scale.

The MSM also shouldn’t bow down to what the president wants or Congress wants or even what the people want, even if they do want health care reform. Though they did bow down to George W. Bush for whatever he wanted: tax cuts for the rich, an unnecessary war.

And when there were critical questions to be asked — legitimate concerns about the value of the legislation — MSM went AWOL.

Whether the health care legislation will be a boon on Election Day 2010 is a legitimate political newsworthy issue to cover. The problem is when you insinuate that passing any health care reform is “bad,” you don’t give the impression that you are covering this deal “objectively.”


Written by democracysoup

March 23, 2010 at 8:16 am

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