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Jon Stewart shows us how to correct pundits

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We saw three times where Republican pundits adamantly denied that Bush was president during 9/11 in an eerie parallel to Peter denying Jesus three times in the night.

And each time the interviewer didn’t correct the mistake. Only George Stephanopoulos offered somewhat of an apology, but not on the air.

Once again, Jon Stewart — a non-journalist — gets to show journalists how to do their job. When Stewart had on Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, the discussion went to the shoe bomber, Richard Reid. In drawing a contrast between the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, and offering up Miranda rights, Gingrich said Reid was an American citizen.

Reid was a British citizen.

On the standard cable news channels and the MSM outlets, this false statement would not have been countered. But Stewart, a professional comedian, came back in the following segment and pointed out that Gingrich’s statement was false. Stewart did this on camera, something the folks at Fox “News” Channel, John King, and Stephanopoulos would not do on the Bush-9/11 connection. And Gingrich’s misstatement was more obscure than the “Bush wasn’t president on 9/11” lie.

Jon Stewart may not be a journalist. But he understands what journalists should do better than some of them who earn a living as a journalist.


Written by democracysoup

February 10, 2010 at 8:29 am

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