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John Ziegler brought his lack of credibility to Palin-Letterman mess to be the Media Putz

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Originally published on on June 18, 2009

John Ziegler


The one name that kept creeping up — and we do mean creeping — during the whole Sarah Palin and David Letterman spat was John Ziegler.

Sarah Palin mentioned him as being the source of how she found out about what Letterman had said, and she made sure to say his name on the “Today” show when Matt Lauer interviewed her. Ziegler was also behind the FireDavidLetterman Web site.

Ziegler also got himself on MSNBC in an interview with Contessa Brewer that was more about him shouting out wild accusations, gratuitous insults, and not responding to direct questions.

You could say the big “winner” in the Palin-Letterman matchup was Ziegler since he received unbelievable levels of undeserved publicity. Once again, the “losers” were journalism and the American people.

Ziegler is best known — before this latest charade of credibility came along — for his “thorough” documentary of Gov. Palin and how she was “mistreated” by the press for actually asking Palin to answer questions of easy and medium difficulty. The work, “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected And Palin Was Targeted” gives us an idea about where his loyalties lie.

“This was a tough interview (the Katie Couric interview) for Sarah Palin because she was hit with things she had never seen before.”

Like what periodicals does she read, and Supreme Court decisions she doesn’t like?

In this latest publicity grab, Ziegler also lead a huge rally outside the Ed Sullivan Theater — uh, what — only about 40 people showed up? Well, Ziegler led a smattering of assembled people.

“It is part of a liberal attempt to destroy Governor Palin for the past eleven months,” Ziegler said at the rally. He doesn’t mention the extensive help in destroying Gov. Palin that came from Gov. Palin.

But to show you the lengths Ziegler will go for his point, check out this convoluted logic in explaining the hypocrisy of going after Letterman and not other media figures.

When asked why the protest took a week to happen, Ziegler asked, “Why did David Letterman take a week to apologize?” When Air America, in more of an accusation that a question, remarked that Sarah Palin went on Saturday Night Live in 2008 a week after they had aired a skit which said that Tod (sic) Palin had slept with his daughter, Ziegler pointed out that skit was set in a New York Times staff meeting where the paper’s staff was considering topics to write, so it was essentially a satire on what the Times might publish to discredit her, not Saturday Night Live saying this directly of Gov. Palin.

So this was more about attacking David Letterman and CBS than in some crusade to go after “perverts.” And as Keith Olbermann pointed out, the amount of time for Letterman’s apology was a matter of 3 or so hours, not a week. It sounds like Ziegler graduated magna cum laude from the Palin school of upholding responsibility.

The timing of Ziegler’s latest round of publicity appears to be tied in with his return to radio in Los Angeles this month, almost as if he got involved to promote his revitalized radio career. But when you look at his track record, it’s a wonder that even in the world of conservative talk radio that he keeps getting hired.

According to Wikipedia, there was the O.J. Simpson issue, where Ziegler got fired for making a joke about Simpson’s guilt, and once said later he “had a very, very, very serious plan to kill O.J. Simpson.” Ziegler was fired for saying the n-word in Nashville. He was fired in Louisville for discussed the physical attributes, intimate attire, and genital grooming of his former girlfriend, a Louisville TV personality. And when Ziegler filled in for Matt Drudge in 2006, he played Michael Richards’ tirade without editing out the “n-word.”

Ziegler’s media career is filled with multiple failed radio stops and two documentaries lacking any sense of journalistic credibility or sense. He is a talent-challenged, publicity hound who has latched himself on to the one person who desperately craves publicity more than him in Gov. Palin.

Ziegler’s role in this latest Palin publicity push is even more dehumanizing in that they dragged the reputation of David Letterman through the mud and damaged the legitimate issue of those who have suffered sexual abuse of underage young women. For that, John Ziegler earns our Media Putz of the week award.

Special thanks to the Political Carnival for its extensive coverage of the antics of John Ziegler.


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June 18, 2009 at 6:00 am

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