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GOP and MSM need to see the ‘light’ in the darkness of our crumbling infrastructure

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Originally published on on Mon, 12/29/2008 – 10:22am

The Pat Travers Band once sang “Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights.” But when the lights really do go out, it’s not fun.

President-elect Barack Obama found out first-hand over the weekend what happens when the lights do go out. While in his situation, he felt protected and knew everything was being done to remedy the situation, millions of Americans have felt trapped in a frustrating situation where they didn’t know when power was coming back.

Nearly 200,000 are currently without power in the Detroit area. There was the water main break in Bethesda, MD along the ironically named River Road. The Northeast has certainly felt its share of frustration after numerous ice storms.

All of this comes down to a word that Rachel Maddow finds sexy: infrastructure.

Roads, bridges, electrical systems — those are the major building blocks of our society falling faster than London Bridge or Humpty Dumpty’s wall.

In calling for a modern-day equivalent of the Marshall Plan, we are not comparing America in 2008 to Berlin in 1945. But we do need a lot of help in a time where we don’t have a lot of money.

If karma ruled supreme, Germany and Japan might cut a few checks to give assistance, but even without outside help, the United States needs to step up and take care of its own. Even in an area where the infrastructure is not crumbling, we are getting our tails handed to us in broadband Internet access.

We used to build bold strokes in making this country what it had become, visionary leadership that thought beyond the next Congressional election. Then we desperately lost our way in an era where growth cycles are much quicker and the requirements much more complex. Competing in the 21st century with a 1950s electrical infrastructure just doesn’t work.

So the left is in agreement that we need to rebuild and upgrade these United States. But how to convince the GOP and the MSM?

The MSM, guided by the GOP, has an attitude that spending trillions in Iraq is good, but spending millions in the U.S. is bad and a waste of money. And the GOP has no trouble using government money to be overspent on “defense” but objects to spending it on people who might not vote for them (Katrina).

Especially with only 98 or 99 senators, there will be an objection from the GOP aisle in the Senate, and 60 will be a more difficult number to reach. And despite the obvious needs for our society, Democrats and President Obama need concrete examples to present in order to sell the idea.


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December 29, 2008 at 10:22 am

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