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Ann Coulter’s wish for newspapers to disappear might come true, but it earns her the Media Putz

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Originally published on on December 25, 2008

Ann Coulter

There was a hope, small as it might be, that when Ann Coutler had her jaw wired shut, somehow when the jaw was released to its normal level once again, her voice would become distorted or possibly disappear.

But unfortunately, the serenity that existed was shattered when Coulter once again spoke.

When recently asked her thoughts about newspapers and magazines having their problems, Coulter replied enthusiastically: “I greet every newspaper going bankrupt with joy.”

Her “philosophy” is that free-market capitalism is working and if people want fewer newspapers and magazines, there shall be fewer newspapers and magazines.

At this point, we should note that Coulter’s work has appeared in newspapers and magazines, so that would seem to be cutting off her own supply of money.

But when you think about it, perhaps Coulter has a point, at least, in her own selfish mind. She probably hates the idea of writing for newspapers and magazines since they get caught up in this concept of wanting the material in her essays to be, well, accurate.

See, Coulter has this disturbing pattern of writing “facts” that simply aren’t true. Newspapers and magazines tend to get annoyed when their columnists lie, even the right-wing ones.

The good news for Coulter is that television doesn’t seem to have a problem with her mendacity. There is no correction box for lies given on television. Rarely do you even find a host who will actually correct a guest on-air, much less someone such as Coulter. Which is why the most prominent time Coutler actually got admonished came from the CBC’s Fifth Estate in Canada, when Coulter was adamant that Canada sent troops to Vietnam, much to the dismay of the host and anyone watching who had finished the fifth grade.

And while people do get upset with material in books being, well, incorrect, getting facts corrected is a much more tedious process with book publishers. While James Frey got severe treatment from Oprah Winfrey over his lies, there is likely more truth in his book than in any of Coutler’s many “masterpieces.”

We were hoping for a life-changing episode to impact Coulter’s approach after having her jaw wired shut. But clearly she was saving up for more craziness. And to honor that, we gladly give her the Media Putz of the week.

Ann Coulter previously won the Media Putz on November 15, 2007.


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December 25, 2008 at 6:00 am

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