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Into the cuckoo’s nest: Fighting against Obama’s natural-born U.S. citizenship

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Originally published on on Mon, 12/08/2008 – 3:11pm

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This seems to be the mantra of those trying to prove that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen, and therefore ineligible to be president.

The Supreme Court refused to hear an emergency appeal today. The argument from a New Jersey man claims Obama is ineligible because he was a British subject at birth. Kenya, homeland of his father, was under British rule in 1961, the year Obama was born.

Then there is the argument from a Pennsylvania man that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawai’i.

But hey, if you don’t like this argument: try the strategy of Dr. Orly Taitz DDS Esq. She is claiming before the California Supreme Court that the state can’t certify the results because Obama was a British citizen at his birth.

By going through the California courts and other courts, Pastor Wiley Drake, who is part of a crusade to prove Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen, says the hope is to whittle down the number of electoral votes for Obama to less than 270. If that were to possibly happen, the U.S. House would then get to vote for president, and would likely elect Obama anyway.

Dr. Taitz quotes from John A. Bingham, framer of the 14th Amendment, and his definition of “natural-born citizen.” But the 14th Amendment doesn’t deal with natural-born citizens nor does his opinion reflect the law of this country.

The other major “evidence” is the Perkins vs. Elg decision from 1939. That case involved a woman who was born in the United States to an American mother and a Swedish father. The woman came back after reaching the age of majority to claim U.S. citizenship.

The problem with using this case is that it deals with citizenry, not natural-born citizenry, and that unlike the Elg woman, Obama came back at the age of 10, still a minor, and has lived in the United States ever since. Oh, and the fact that the Supreme Court ruled Elg was a natural-born citizen.

Drake says his interest has nothing to do with politics or race, but because “we live in a Constitutional Republic not a democracy.”

While the issue of what constitutes a natural-born citizen is a true debate, dual citizens at birth haven’t previously been part of the discussion. By that logic, Bill Richardson wouldn’t be natural-born. Richardson tells the story of his American father driving his Mexican mother to give birth to make sure his child was a natural-born citizen. There certainly was that expectation in 1947.

George Romney, who ran for president in 1968, was born in Mexico to two U.S. parents. Romney didn’t live in the United States until he was 32.

Then there is the Chester A. Arthur story. There were objections during his vice-presidential run that Arthur was born in Canada, and therefore not eligible. He was born to one U.S. citizen parent and a naturalized U.S. citizen from Ireland — in Vermont or Quebec, depending on whom you believe.

To be fair, Drake notes, John McCain isn’t considered to be a natural-born citizen either. And Roger Calero, the Socialist Workers candidate, as well. Though it isn’t clear that they made anywhere near the effort against McCain as they have against Obama.

The John McCain issue is a bit more simple. Born to U.S. parents but outside the confines of the United States, McCain’s status came under concern, but was generally given a pass. The Senate passed a non-binding resolution saying McCain was okay to run.

Those who are fighting against Obama are trying several different takes, and throwing out allegations that, even if true, don’t pertain to his status as an U.S. citizen or natural-born citizen status.

The fact that none of the Democratic presidential candidates, none of the Republican presidential candidates, the Republican National Committee, and the MSM, including FOX News, have discovered any evidence to back them up is probably a sign that there isn’t much to this.

The sad part is that if these groups don’t get their way, and don’t get the results overturned, they will feel like Obama isn’t their president, and try to cause unrest during his time in office. After we have legitimately had a squatter in the White House, it is insulting for right-wing extremists to twist and slant reality to call out their own “squatter.”


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December 8, 2008 at 3:11 pm

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