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Learning more about what happened the night John McCain blew off David Letterman

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Originally published on on Mon, 11/24/2008 – 10:40am

It was a lost point: when David Letterman had Katie Couric on his show last week, he didn’t ask her about the topic everyone thought he might bring up: What happened the night that John McCain blew off Letterman for Katie Couric?

Unlike most MSM issues that slip completely through, Letterman made good by getting Couric on the phone the next day, specifically to talk about that Wednesday night in September when McCain talked to a CBS star, but it wasn’t Letterman.

Couric said over the phone that McCain never mentioned that he was scheduled to be on Letterman. McCain told Letterman “I screwed up.” Couric told Letterman on the phone that if she had known McCain was supposed to do Letterman, she would have told the Senator to go on Dave.

Despite McCain’s “I screwed up” mantra, we never really got a good explanation from anyone in the McCain campaign as to specifically why McCain didn’t tell Letterman the truth. But at least on this past Thursday night, we got a little more insight on one of the more bizarre chapters of the 2008 presidential campaign.


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November 24, 2008 at 10:40 am

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