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Sean Hannity’s America ignores real problems to win this week’s Media Putz

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Originally published on on November 6, 2008

Sean Hannity

John Edwards spoke of the Two Americas, displaying the contrast between the haves and the have-nots. President-elect Barack Obama said we are not red and blue states, we are the United States of America.

Then we have Hannity’s America.

Unlike the first two examples, an inclusive portrayal of different segments of one country, Hannity’s America is a very limited concept, a bubble where deep thought, common sense, understanding, and tolerance can not penetrate.

In Hannity’s America, Bill Ayres and Rev. Jeremiah Wright are vital issues before the American public.

In Hannity’s America, giving discredited authors Andrew Martin and Jerome Corsi a platform is more important than the truth behind both major party presidential candidates.

In Hannity’s America, there are “10 Reasons Not To Vote For Obama” and no reasons to vote for McCain.

Like most conservatives on television, Sean Hannity can certainly tear down people? But can he build things? Well, that’s someone else’s job.

Hannity has spent the 2008 presidential campaign obsessed about any possible rumor concerning Barack Obama and beating them into the ground. Yet, Obama is now set to be the 44th President of the United States.

The election is a vindication for the American public, who for the most part, saw through the pettiness and small-mindedness of “journalism” such as the kind practiced by Hannity. In this election, voters were concerned about real issues that affect real lives: economy, Iraq war, health care, environment, education, and standing in the world.

None of those things are relevant in Hannity’s America. Hannity speaks of America as the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. But Barack Obama has a better sense of America, all of America than Hannity has.

Given the furor that Hannity has displayed during the campaign about Obama — when there was a chance that John McCain might become president — one would hope that Hannity would come to his rational sense, and try, as McCain said in his concession speech, to work with the incoming president.

But this is Sean Hannity, so don’t hold your breath. So for his long-standing, irrational, uncredible, obsessive attacks against now President-elect Barack Obama, Sean Hannity is our Media Putz of the week.

Sean Hannity previously won the Media Putz on October 9, 2008, September 25, 2008, March 27, 2008, and September 13, 2007.


Written by democracysoup

November 6, 2008 at 6:00 am

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