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Sean Hannity shines spotlight on anti-Semite to once again win the Media Putz title

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Originally published on on October 9, 2008

Sean Hannity

You would think that Sean Hannity and the FOX “News” Channel would be excited about a Barack Obama victory. After all, they enjoyed their initial success thanks to the onslaught bashing of President Bill Clinton. And things can’t be nearly as much fun sucking up to George W. Bush as it sounds.

But Hannity is trying really hard to make sure Obama loses, regardless of whether truth or ethics might stand in the way.

The Fox “News” Channel ran a program Sunday night called “Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism.”

We realize that Hannity doesn’t really come in contact with liberals on a regular basis (no, Alan Colmes doesn’t count. Neither does Hannity’s domestic help.) So his vision of “radicalism” could include Social Security and a 40-hour workweek.

But this goes deeper than some lame, already disproven allegations against Bill Ayres. This goes to using a primary source so discredited that even the Republican Party of Florida denounced him.

Andy Martin is an anti-Semite who has run unsuccessfully for numerous political posts, including a failed bid for the 2004 U.S. Senate seat currently held by Obama. (Martin ended up running for the Senate in Florida that year instead.)

The Republican Party of Florida denounced Martin because of his platform in a prior political bid to “exterminate Jew power in America.”

Glenn Greenwald digs further back into Martin’s career:

In 1986, he ran for Congress in Illinois under this campaign committee: “The Anthony R. Martin-Trigona Congressional Campaign to Exterminate Jew Power in America,” and he wrote sympathetically of the Holocaust. As The Washington Times described this year:

In a New York bankruptcy case, he referred to a judge as a “crooked, slimy Jew.” During the bankruptcy dispute, he filed a civil-rights lawsuit claiming Jewish bankruptcy judges and lawyers were conspiring to steal his property. He asked a court to bar “any Jew from having anything to do with plaintiff’s property.”

In another motion in the case, he wrote: “I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did, when Jew survivors are operating as a wolf pack to steal my property.”

But Martin, in the “documentary,” was portrayed as an author and journalist. What is some of the wisdom to come from Martin?

“If you love the Cuban revolution and Castro, and if you love what’s happening in Venezuela with Hugo Chávez, you’ll love Barry Obama — Barack Obama, as he calls himself — in the White House.”

Martin is also credited, as such, as being among the first to assert in a chain e-mail message that Obama was secretly a Muslim.

Martin was there to promote a book, an item that clearly isn’t filled with facts, just horrible disparaging speculation. But Hannity gave Martin, a rampant anti-Semite with no credibility, free reign and never questioned or followed up on any of the baseless accusations. And never disclosed any background of Martin, his ethics, or his credibility, including but not limited to the fact that Martin’s connection to the Senate race that Obama won in 2004.

For once again displaying the ethics FOX “News” Channel is known for, Sean Hannity is our Media Putz of the week.

Sean Hannity previously won the Media Putz on September 25, 2008, March 27, 2008, and September 13, 2007.


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October 9, 2008 at 6:00 am

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