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Exploring why the MSM is obsessed with Obama gaffes while ignoring McCain gaffes

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Originally published on on Tue, 07/22/2008 – 9:38am

Given the current standard (George W. Bush), you would think the next president of the United States, whomever that will be, would have a grace period from the MSM to make a few hundred gaffes before the media said something.

But apparently the MSM has a higher standard for the presidential candidates, er, presidential candidate: “One gaffe and we will pounce.”

Barack Obama is finding out on his current overseas trip that the MSM is salivating, waiting for a gaffe to come from the junior Senator from Illinois. “He doesn’t have much experience. Will he say something – bad!?”

It appears on the surface that the MSM doesn’t care about McCain’s gaffes, but cares desperately about Obama’s gaffes. After all, in looking for an Obama gaffe on this trip, they missed one of McCain’s (McCain saying that Iraq and Pakistan share a border when they don’t).

But there has to be a special reason that isn’t apparent. After all, John McCain has thrown so many gaffes our way, it feels like an all-you-can-eat buffet on the Strip in Las Vegas. And the MSM really likes gaffes, so we should find out what it is about Obama’s gaffes that they desire.

Perhaps an Obama gaffe is juicier, more ripe. Maybe the flavor and texture of an Obama gaffe is rare and difficult to find.

Maybe the McCain gaffes are chewy with very little flavor. How exciting can it be when McCain says twice recently that Czechoslovakia still exists? Maybe the reporters don’t know the country split back on January 1, 1993.

Perhaps the McCain gaffes aren’t very filling. If it takes a lot of gaffes to make you feel full, then it’s difficult to appreciate just one gaffe. But an Obama gaffe — maybe just one would make you feel full for days to come.

We live in a society where gourmet food is something with which to treat ourselves, especially in an economy where many are having trouble affording their regular food bill.

So perhaps the Obama gaffe is a rare white truffle with shallots and cilantro sautéed in a rare balsamic vinegar dripped on the outside of the plate, while a chorus of male hummingbirds sing something from the Magic Flute by Mozart.

A McCain gaffe would be like a serving of the, no not good enough to be Kraft, generic equivalent of macaroni and cheese, yes the kind from the box, made 2 days ago from 2% milk from the gallon that expired 3 days previous and the bright yellow margarine from the tub, all under fluorescent light.

The Obama gaffe comes with an amazing supply of vitamins and minerals, high in Omega-3, and lots of fiber. The gaffes are also naturally low in carbs so they won’t slow you down.

The McCain gaffe has less nutrition than the unfortified version of Lucky Charms with more saturated fat than a steak cooked in butter.

So clearly the MSM isn’t biased: they are only focused on Obama’s gaffes because they offer so much more taste, nutrition, and an overall wonderful experience. And their tolerance for McCain’s gaffes is only because they are unworthy of the MSM’s taste buds.


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July 22, 2008 at 9:38 am

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