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The chaotic U.S. system for electing a president from the perspective of Canadians

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Originally published on on Tue, 02/12/2008 – 11:37am

“The chaotic U.S. system for electing a president” was the headline used in the Globe and Mail for the discussion from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Shribman, who wrote an essay about the presidential race: The way to the White House lies through a mysterious shambles.

The Globe and Mail, the major national mainstream paper from Canada, based in Toronto, also ran a chat where readers could ask questions about our process here in the United States.

For as much as bemoan our system, based on the chat, some people wonder if we have the better system since we have more input into the process than Canadians do with their system.

As fascinating as it is to explain to people here in the States who grew up at least learning this in school, imagine explaining the process to citizens of a country where parties elect their leaders, you vote for a member of the House, but really it’s a vote to get a certain leader as Prime Minister, and where the Prime Minister not only is a member of the House of Commons, but also must get questioned by other members of the House on a regular basis.

Perhaps when our hectic situation dies down, we could learn more about what they do in Canada.


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February 12, 2008 at 11:37 am

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