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A message to you, Rudy

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Originally published on on Wed, 01/30/2008 – 7:19am

Stop your messing around,
Better think of your future

In case you don’t remember that song from The Specials from 1979, the lyrics seem extremely appropriate this morning as Rudy Giuliani.

The campaign that was (and wasn’t) is over. Time for Rudy to decide what to do next.

Though in the race for several states, since he concentrated himself in Florida, it feels like a one-and-done.

He was, in many eyes, the frontrunner for the Republicans. It’s difficult to think of this now, but the words “President Giuliani” scared a lot of people and increased research into the possibility of moving to Canada.

But Rudy, you did mess around. Your strategy, which was either genius or madman-esque, turned out to be well, Dr. Jekyll, if nothing else.

We confess it would have been curious if someone could have skipped Iowa and New Hampshire and used that strategy to be effective. Unfortunately, given your incompetence, we won’t know now. The way you ran the campaign offers no proof either way whether the strategy could work.

To borrow the next line from the song, “Time you straighten right out.” Let’s hope your retirement helps you to do that, and that your retirement is permanent.


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January 30, 2008 at 7:19 am

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