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Will the DNC’s actions in Michigan and Florida cost the Democrats the White House in 2008?

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Originally published on on Tue, 01/29/2008 – 11:03am

If Michigan or Florida had scheduled its primary before New Hampshire, I might understand the Democratic National Committee’s harsh punishment.

But we are at January 29, three weeks after New Hampshire, and Florida is being punished for what reason? It’s not even the first primary in the South.

What’s worse is that the delegates might count but we’re not sure. They should count, but it’s the ambiguity where I object. When voters go to the polls, they should know the power of their vote, and not wait for some administrative decision in the late summer.

Short of a miracle, no Democrat is going to the White House without winning Michigan or Florida and ideally both.

And my outrage at this isn’t new. When Michigan voted (again after New Hampshire), about half the names weren’t on the ballot. How do you expect democracy with only half the names on the ballot?

The Republican National Committee handed out a punishment by halving its allotment of delegates to 57, and those might get reinstated.

But the Republican candidates get the spotlight this week in Florida. Republican candidates are all over Florida, shaking hands, kissing babies, giving speeches, and getting TV coverage. Democrats are invisible and don’t exist. When it comes time to campaign in the general election, the Republicans will have a huge advantage in two vital states.

Ultimately, this isn’t so much about delegates but the average voter. I know far more people in Michigan than Florida, and the Democrats I know are pissed off at the Democratic Party. As hard as it is to believe, there may be Democrats who stay home in Michigan and Florida in November. That is something we can’t afford to let happen. And if it does, it will completely be the DNC’s fault, 100%.


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January 29, 2008 at 11:03 am

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